Make Me Laugh

My little one hit my laptop late last night and regardless of how many times I hit undo, I couldn’t get my document back on my screen.  So no funny post from me today.  There’s one here though.  And here.



Those who know me best know that I love to laugh.  And if something is funny enough, suppressing the giggles is a hard thing to do.  I especially appreciate social commentary, best delivered of course in places where laughter is highly inappropriate – in front of important people, in the classroom, at meetings…



I’m lucky enough to work with a complete idiot who makes ridiculous statements many times throughout the working day.  Upon hearing one of these statements, my work bestie often send me a text from her desk, while I sit at mine, less than two metres away.

Stifling a burst of laughter in a quiet staff room has become something of a skill.



So what of you?  Hit my with your funny links.

I’m very much looking forward to sitting back with a Thursday wine and laughing my arse off.






Robo X

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