I should firstly establish that this blog is not about Robots.

Just putting it out there to avoid disappointment.





Shiny words that describe me…

Mother   Wife   Daughter   Sister   Friend   Teacher



But in reality I am…

Time-poor Mum   Partner   Part-time Lover   Life Coach   Mate   Drinking Buddy   Confidante   Time-poor Teacher



And now I can add…




In my life I have Family, the Man and my two Gorgeous Kids.


I’m all about juggling, sorting, driving, cooking, feeding, teaching, soothing, organising, caring, listening, instructing, cleaning…  And the list goes on.


In becoming Mum, I’ve become a slave to the family; nose to the grindstone, blinkers on, head down, going through the motions each and every day.  Getting it all done.


Once a carefree spirit, in recent years I’ve become something of a Robot.



My Mumness has created in me a wee bit of Numbness.

Open all hours, day and night.

Auto-pilot extraordinaire.

Happy but Robotic.



I am a Robomum.



This blog is Me, reclaiming some headspace.  This blog is Me, reclaiming a lost passion.  I’m doing a tiny little something Just For ME.


So welcome to my blog.

Apologies in advance.



Robomum X

And please, don’t copy posts, it’s not cool.

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