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Allow me to introduce you to the Lounge Lizards…


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Tegan is the self confessed Queen of Awesome and worshiper of vodka.  She is the ruler of the inappropriate and says what you are all thinking but are too chicken shit to say.  Tegan regularly has her ranty pants on because frankly they are more comfortable than denim undies.  It’s a public service really.

She can be seen talking things mental illness, parenting and lamenting the stupidity of the world at Musings of the Misguided

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Please, call me Robo.

I’m a high school teacher by day which is why I blog in disguise.  I need to stay incognito – I wouldn’t cope with teenagers googling me whilst on playground duty.  I’m also a parent of 2 and a wife to Man.  I’m a busy lady.  ALL the time.

To prove my existence, I attended a few bloggy events and since then, have fallen in love with all things Blog.

I reflects on big issues, personal experiences and fitting it all in.  I ponder right here on My Blog

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