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The Bacon Post About Teaching

I’ve been thinking about writing a blog post for The Lounge linky tomorrow, the one about bacon, but forgive me kids, I have nothing to say about life these days, or bacon, for that matter.


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I do, on the other hand, have something to say about teaching.

My work has consumed me. More than most terms.


I am spent.  Physically and mentally blotto from the last week of teaching.


Actually, the next person who says to me that teachers have it easy because of the school holidays, will be told to go and get farkadoodledooed.


say it to my face



What a term!  Nine weeks felt more like nine months.


This was term 2 which meant reports, parent-teacher nights, subject choices for year ten, work experience, endless days away on excursions and the general day to day classroom activity that never lets up.





Ill-informed parents and citizens often scoff at the role of the teacher because of our ‘time off’.

“You have the best holidays!”





But teaching is one of those jobs where everything needs to be done in your own time.  So it isn’t really a ‘short day’.



Seriously, until one walks in the shoes of a teacher, one should keep all opinions to oneself.




Our feet hurt.



Do you know a fab teacher?

Toot that horn yo!




Robo X


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My Favourite Ranter

Welcome to The Lounge for another week.

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I’m very happy to be hosting once again.

This week’s all about the angry pants.  Pop them on, settle in, get comfortable.

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Today I won’t be engaging you with a tirade…

In the spirit of ranting, allow me to introduce to you the person who ranted best.


I tell you confidently, that he was the finest ranter of all time, managing to hit any nail on its head with a simple sentence.



Comedian Bill Hicks


Bill used the blackest of black comedy to tell his truths.

Purposeful.  Satirical.  Critical.  

Delivered in his own unique style.


War.  Politics.  Children.  Advertising.  Travel.  Guns,  Smoking.  Marijuana.  Psychedelic mushrooms.  Religion.  Society.  Media.  Sexuality.  Consumerism.  Television.  Smoking.  The military.  America.


The list of topics he covered was extensive.



Bill Hicks passed away in the nineties at the age of 32.  Cancer.

Even today, especially today, the work of Bill Hicks is relevant.



Here he is, completely out of context…





I wish Bill was still alive.

I’d love to know his views on all the new stuff in our world.  Twitter, Facebook, blogging, politics, the internet, new types of

terror, reality television…


When I find myself shaking my head at the dynamics of society, I often wonder, What would Bill think?



The best way to experience Bill’s rants and stand-up is on audio CD, he was a very musical and theatrical ranter.

There’s plenty on YouTube as well.







Whose rants do you enjoy?


Robo X

School, The Dentist, The Spider & The Filthy Bastard

Since last Thursday I’ve been down and out with a good old fashioned man flu.  This week, the body machine has been positively tried and tested.  Grueling.  Matters best left undiscussed.
It’s been horrible and still not over.



SO after an unintentional bloggy break, I’m happy to report the following:




Sort of. 


Be warned people…  This year’s flu hits hard and fast and the general shittiness lingers long after it’s ‘gone’.


So after a bed-ridden long weekend which, quite literally, blew chunks, I have very little to say.


But, here’s some of what’s happened:



Reports are due.

Enough said.



The Dentist

He charged me $40 to look at my kids tooth.  One tooth.  One minute.

Told me exactly what Google did.

Forty bucks!



The Spider

There was a big brown spider in my Crapastra.  I lost my shiz, somehow managed to pull the car over at my daughter’s day care and get myself and the kids the feck out while Man begrudgingly squashed it.  He was happy to ‘leave it alone’ but I firmly requested, “That thing better be fucking dead when I get back”.

Arachnophobia.   Hard.



The Filthy Bastard

I saw a guy on the street blowing snot out of his nose.  No tissue.

Have you ever seen this?  Un-erasable from the memory.

I cringe when my own kids get those stringy boogers.




So there’s my feeble attempt at freestylin with the ladies in The Lounge.


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This week over at The Very Inappropriate Blog.



Don’t get sick peeps!

Stay well.  Stay warm.



Robo X



Mummy/Miss and Manic Mornings







My mornings are incredibly busy.  Busy to the point of manic.




Being a teacher means that I divide myself into two halves, two personalities.


From 6am-8am I’m Mummy, getting my own kids off to school.  This involves all the usual stuff, (I won’t bore you), as well as making myself presentable and racing out the door to embark on my hour long commute – three drop-offs, my own included.


While my little Crapastra putts along, we listen to music and do a little in-car dancing.  In the back seat, they fight, they cry, they laugh.  I navigate through the traffic, run lists through my head, apply make-up at the lights and secretly pray that it is not a morning where Miss 2 throws up her breakfast – her latest party trick.


Mummy! Mama! MUM!



After drop-off number two, I drive myself to school and park in our impossible car park.


My title changes from Mummy to Miss and I navigate again, this time through the corridors to my staffroom, hopefully in time to stick some bread in the toaster, which I eat on my way to my first class.


Freaking mornings…



My students, each with their attitudes and sensitivities, are my other children.  Some days I want to gaffer tape their mouths closed but other days, their energy keeps me moving.


My own children are my life, but my students is where I draw my inspiration.



It would be unethical of me to tell you their stories but some have such incredible tales to tell.  Hardship, disadvantage…  Their stories may seem far-fetched but they are very genuine.


My manic mornings pale in comparison.


The vast majority of my students make me want to try harder, be a better teacher.  They inspire me to do more and invest more, so school means something, to all of us.



Miss, can I ask..?

Miss, do you have..?

Miss, I need…

I know I won’t change their world but changing an hour in their day, providing an experience listening, helping – it can improve their existence.


This part of my job is not like academic achievement and report comments, it can’t be measured.  You’re rewarded with a nod, or a smile, or a student wanting to stay beyond the bell, to ask another question. 

To me, that is inspiring.



So when the last bell rings I’m heading out the door, out the car park and back in my Crapastra, navigating the streets of Sydney once more, rushing home to start the afternoon shift.


Freaking Afternoons…



So, what inspires you?

Do you have an alter ego?


Linking up with Jess for #IBOT over at Essentially Jess.




Robo X