The Bacon Post About Teaching

I’ve been thinking about writing a blog post for The Lounge linky tomorrow, the one about bacon, but forgive me kids, I have nothing to say about life these days, or bacon, for that matter.


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I do, on the other hand, have something to say about teaching.

My work has consumed me. More than most terms.


I am spent.  Physically and mentally blotto from the last week of teaching.


Actually, the next person who says to me that teachers have it easy because of the school holidays, will be told to go and get farkadoodledooed.


say it to my face



What a term!  Nine weeks felt more like nine months.


This was term 2 which meant reports, parent-teacher nights, subject choices for year ten, work experience, endless days away on excursions and the general day to day classroom activity that never lets up.





Ill-informed parents and citizens often scoff at the role of the teacher because of our ‘time off’.

“You have the best holidays!”





But teaching is one of those jobs where everything needs to be done in your own time.  So it isn’t really a ‘short day’.



Seriously, until one walks in the shoes of a teacher, one should keep all opinions to oneself.




Our feet hurt.



Do you know a fab teacher?

Toot that horn yo!




Robo X


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48 responses to “The Bacon Post About Teaching

  • Lydia C. lee

    I know a few fab teachers – I also teach ethics, and 30 mins a week is enough to make me nuts, so as I say to all teachers “I don’t know how you do it!!). We also just had a high school parent teacher night (a kind of speed dating affair, where the teachers sit there for FOUR hours and parents sit down 5 mins at a time). How they (a)keep track of the hundreds of kids (b)talk usefully about them to their parents (c)give one at the end of a working day for FOUR hours – is all beyond me.

    • robomum

      Parent Teacher Night is exactly like speed dating. Too funny! There are some great teacher out there. Some of the people I work with are magicians with the kids and so dedicated.

  • Raising Explorers

    I’m hearing ya, sister! What a relief! Yesterday I taught a full day followed by a fully-booked parent-teacher night. I actually had a couple of parents say, “thanks for all your hard work”, which is rare, and so nice to hear. Enjoy your break!!! (Bludger).

  • Leanne Winter

    I personally think teachers are overworked and underpaid. I’ve been lucky enough to have wonderful teachers for my sons, I’m one parent who totally gets that the work load doesn’t stop at 3pm or on ‘holidays’. I hope you get to have some time to yourself this term break and have some fun.

  • Katyberry

    I was chatting with some high school teacher friends the other day, and it sounds like so much of the day is about behaviour management rather than teaching. And they worked at a “nice” school! They were frazzled and happy to be on holidays so that they could regroup and re-energize before the next term.
    It was a really interesting conversation, and certainly opened my eyes to a world of teaching that I hadn’t previously considered.
    Power to you.

    • robomum

      Behaviour management can be pretty tricky. Lots of staff room time is spent discussing kids and their behaviour. From time to time I get a class that’s rowdy, or rude, or not prepared to work. Rudeness and bullying are the worst.

  • Judy Thornton

    I totally hear what you are saying and totally agree. Teaching is very stressful and a hard slog. I’ve done 3 years of bachelor of Education – did 3 pracs and yes had to quit because I had to help my hubby in his business. But I don’t think I would do very well as a teacher – time demanding. Without the support of your family it’s impossible. So I’ve resumed to the idea of being a teacher aid.

    • robomum

      Some days I don’t think I’m cut out for it either. I can’t believe you didn’t finish after going that far! I guess it’s something you can always go back to. I’m sure the pracs strengthened your teaching ability as an aid.

  • Have a laugh on me

    I totally know some fab teachers, and know they work their arses off during school holidays – I couldn’t do it. I’m too much of a cranky mole face bitch! Enjoy your break Robo xx

  • Kim@fallingfacefirst

    I know a fab teacher – my daughter’s kindy teacher. She is AMAZING and has learnt how to manage a kid with diabetes who drops low at least 4 times each week, checks her all through the day, manages to have a spare pair of eyes on her, ALL while managing a class of teeny kids who only just learnt to leave their mums behind and hold a pencil. I want to keep her forever. Teachers ROCK.

  • Mrs D

    I applaud all teachers, you included. I know some amazing teachers & understand how mentally draining it is. I take my hat off to you & hope that you get some time to relax over the holidays. 🙂

  • Sarah @ Slapdash Mama

    Teachers are AMAZING. I love you. My parents are teachers. I am basically a real dissident in the family because I am NOT a teacher! Also, having nothing to say about life never stops me crapping on about nothing on the ole blog so never fear!

  • Tegan Churchill

    I grew up wanting to be a teacher, now I know that I couldn’t have done it. The politics and red tape would drive me insane. I’m in awe of teachers who are still able to get through to their students despite all of the crap they put up with.

  • peopledonteatenoughfudge

    I do know a fab teacher and I know how hard they work. SD works as part of the support staff with kids that come from dissadvantaged backgrounds and/or have learning difficulties and although he doesn’t have all of the out of hours work a teacher has he often works to complete things in his own time and it can be completely draining. Is say the holidays are well deserved!

  • Lisa @ circle of toast

    In my life Before Kids I was a teacher, and it would drive me absolutely batty when friends would assume I did absolutely nothing during the school holidays – nooo, apart from the lesson plans and prep for next term and sorting out and organising resources and a million other little admin tasks, you mean! Enjoy your break 🙂

  • redlandcitygirl

    Hear, hear! I used to be a teacher so I know EXACTLY what you are talking about – I take my hat off to teachers!

  • Oculus Mundi

    Totally agree. 6 years as a Teacher Aide in Learning Support let me see behind the scenes. For the most part, teachers deserve a medal. I saw the stress, the relentless paperwork, the extra hours, the co-curricular activities, the teachers buying laminating pouches, prizes for the children and other supplies with their own money, the endless sea of reports, the bureaucracy, the crammed to bursting curriculum.

    And on top of that I saw parents verbally abusing teachers and refusing to believe little Jenny was anything but an angel, a high achiever, a star pupil. Teachers are expected to be completely calm, nurturing, semi-psychologists who guide and shape and mentor who can deal with every crisis up to being vomited on (have seen this, helped clean it up) and as well as all that actually teach the basics. You couldn’t pay me enough to be a teacher. Enjoy any well earned breaks you get.

    • robomum

      Yep. Anyone in the front line does this. Buying equipment, books, lunch in some cases. The other day I had to source a jumper for a disadvantaged kid. There is so much to it. For the most part, parents are appreciative – the ones that I’ve encountered have always been wonderful. I’ve heard some stories though…
      What gets me down is the ridiculous red tape and stupid things you’re asked to do. The most important thing should be the face time with the kids but sometimes it’s lost in the bureaucracy of the Department.

  • Sydney, Kids, Food + Travel

    I’m a great fan of teachers, and am one of the ones who say – how do they do it!?? This last week of term must have been murder. I’m exhausted and that’s just from reading emails and reports. There’s so many different jobs in the one job of being a teacher and SO much responsibility… I have four kids at school and over the years have been very indebted to all the kids teachers but most especially to those who teach my oldest son who has additional needs. Kudos to all you guys.

  • Wendy Parks

    I used to be a teacher, so I get what you are saying 100%. Teachers do a fantastic job. And they don’t get lots of holidays, they just take all their RDOs in one go!

  • Lani

    My mum was a teacher and I saw how hard she worked and I knew I never wanted to be a teacher. It is a highly rewarding career, in the right school, in the wrong school, it is hell!

    Big thumbs up to teachers, they deserve twice the salary!

  • Grace

    I totes take my hat off to you teachers! You definitely do it for the love or at least the passion! Well done on making it through another term, Robo! x

  • Tonya, The Crafty Mummy

    I hear you! When I was teaching my days were 7:30am to 6pm. And holidays were often spent doing prep for the next term! Now as a parent I can’t praise the teachers enough.

  • alexbfinlayson


    And sometimes even your best mates or family don’t ‘get it’

    My best friend, who earns triple my salary working 10hr shifts, 5-on 3-off, with up to 8 weeks paid holidays in the mining industry recently said to me… “I wish I had a cushy job like you”
    This is the guy who has sent me photos of himself playing PS3 in his office! I think I ranted about it somewhere on my blog (I know he doesn’t read it)

    I’m not going to lie though, right now I’m sat in the sun on a Monday morning tapping into my phone before I take my boy fishing… its pretty sweet.

    I have one week left and about half of that will be planning and preparation to I’m making the most of if!

    Love your blog

    • robomum

      Yes! Agreed!
      I have family and friends telling me how great I have it and that I’m ‘lucky’ to be a teacher.
      Excuse me but my mortgage repayment is probably the same as yours, if not more, and I earn HALF as much as you do. I also went to uni for the same amount of time as you and I have to buy my own fecking stationery half the time, not to mention, stuff for kids as well…
      People just don’t get it.
      Teaching is one of the most rewarding things I do but it’s not a ‘lucky’ job, by any means.
      Enjoy the holidays. You deserve it!
      I’ll be at day three tomorrow but it already feels like they’re over.

  • obsessivecreativedesign

    teaching is one of the most important jobs and sometimes very unrewarding, I personally take my hat off to you all, you do your very best, work very hard and often take a lot of flack from students AND “too much to say and not enough guts or inclination to do anything but whinge” parents, and on top of that you have to take your work home with you.
    Whoever has the gall to tell you teachers that you have a cushy job , absolutely deserve any thing that is dished out by you!!

  • Katrina

    Argh! I can just imagine all the stupid remarks you would hear. So frustrating! I’ve heard so many people say they wish they’d done teaching because its so “family friendly” honestly anyone tat thinks a teachers day is 9am til 3:15 is a nit wit. 😉

  • Mystery Case

    I honestly have no idea how teachers do what they have to do and deal with clueless parents.

  • robomum

    Lol. Parents are OK most of the time….

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