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Gaming? No judgement.

This week, My Man uttered the words that I’d been dreading…


“SuperCoach is about to start again.”


The Mother Effing SuperCoach.



I’m first to admit that I faff about on the internet probably a lot more than the average person.  I’m also guilty of watching ridiculous TV, most of the time.  I accept that both pastimes could be deemed by some as pointless or time-wasting.


But I tell you, in my opinion, there is nothing more pointless or time-wasting than SuperCoach.



SuperCoach is exactly like the “Fantasy Football” we hear about in America; buying and selling players to create your ‘team’, which you then ‘manage’ to win rounds and progress through a process of elimination.


It’s not real.  It’s pretend.



The following issues are what annoy me most about SuperCoach:


  • The pressing nature of the game.  It is completed religiously, on Friday afternoons, before the game, like it’s an important business deal that requires urgent action.  “I can’t eat/come/leave yet, I’m doing my SuperCoach”.


  • The sheer effort that goes into it.  It is discussed and strategised, at great length I might add, throughout the week, with an equally committed best mate.  WTF?  I don’t get that.  I would never talk about my make-believe anything with my friends!

I just think…

Talk to your mates as long as you like.  

But talking to your mates about your job as an imaginary Team Manager is kinda pathetic…  Strange.  

You  are forty and you work in an office.  You don’t work on a footy field.


This is Ken Billingham, 2012 Supercoach ‘champion’. He probably pissed his wife off for 6 months  of last year too.

Now, I have played games in the past.

Many years ago, I signed up for Second Life but as soon as someone tried to cyber-romance me, I realised it was definitely NOT my cup of tea.

I also had a short-lived obsession with Bakery Story when I got a new smart phone last year and prior to that, many moons ago, Snake on my Nokia 2100.



Aside from the rubbish TV, my vice is Twitter and I read blogs.

Lots of them.



This post is more an admission, than an attack.

I do not really understanding the enjoyment of gaming.

So I don’t get the thrill of SuperCoach and other such pastimes.

Really I don’t.



Do you get it?  Or like me, are you on the sidelines of a Fantasy Football match?


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Robo X