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You look hot today, like a sunrise

I love summer.



I love that I can chuck on my flowing florals and Havaianas and call it an outfit.  I don’t care if my hem lines are a bit shorter than usual, or my fabric choices slightly more transparent than I’d normally wear.


I love that my main accessory is sunnies.



I like it when my freckles appear and my hair lightens a shade or two.  I embrace my summer bun coiffure and I don’t fight with my natural curl.






I don’t curse my dry summer skin or the close attention I pay to de-fuzzing and moisturising.



Dangers aside, I love when the sun beats down on my shoulders and when finding shade is such relief. I love it when the sun goes away but the heat lingers into the night.



I get a few pedis in the summer.  I wear colour in the summer.  I drink sav blanc in the summer.  I’m happier in the summer.



I eat better, stay more hydrated, rise earlier and feel healthier.

I come alive in the summer.



Like Rhonda.






This year my summer is starting earlier than usual, with a week up on the GC.



Yep, the Robos are heading north for a bit of fun in the Queensland sun.  A pre-summer escape for my Ketut and I, after fairly hectic and shitty episode in life.



Although I blog anonymously, if you notice a tired looking, floral-clad mother, with a couple of varicose veins on her right thigh and a bit of a winter muffin top, I invite you to crack a smile.



If could very well be me.



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