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WTF is that on your head?

I’ll admit to my share of fashion faux pas.

It goes without saying that thick blonde foils and lip liner were never my friend but I was channelling Laura San Giacomo and it was the nineties.

I’m not as fashion forward as I’d like to be but I try to stay on trend, in my own special way.


You might already know that Robomum blogs incognito, so I won’t be sharing with you my own personal failings.

Instead, for this week’s link-up in The Lounge, I will pick on the Royals and those ridonkulous hats they wear.

I don’t understand it.

You have all the money in the world and you decide to stick something stupid on top of your head?




Zara Phillips can barely keep this satellite dish on

Queen In San Diego

In the Navy!

Even the Queen is guilty of a theme crisis.


And Crown Princess Mary’s mother-in-law is not exempt.  

When Mr 4 saw this he said, ‘blue pipe cleaners’.

Yes, as I sit in my pyjamas and Adidas jumper, it’s easy to cast my critical eye over celebrity fashion disasters. But I cannot ignore an emerging theme; regardless of your status in society, your bulging hip pocket or the amount of personal stylists you employ, money CANNOT buy good taste.

Here are my favourite Hat Fails…

Beatrice blue

Feeling blue Beatrice, or is that Eugenie?  Plate head.

Eugenie green

Other daughter of Fergie.  Terminate whoever said that this was OK.


Kind of cute but I reckon those butterflies could put a serious dent in my mortgage.

And the best Hat Fail ever…


Now hun, you’re attending what is arguably, the most important society wedding of all time.

Didn’t you check this one out with mum?



I found these on the net…


Who did this to you?

And this one…




As Coco Chanel famously said, before you leave home, take that Stupid Looking Hat OFF your effing HEAD!






Have I got it all wrong?  Do you like these hats?

Do you wear hats?

My fanciest hat is a straw beach hat…

Getting my fashion biatch on for The Lounge – this week over at Slapdash Mama.

Join in the fun!


Robo X

PS.  Email me for the image sources.