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My Favourite Ranter

Welcome to The Lounge for another week.

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I’m very happy to be hosting once again.

This week’s all about the angry pants.  Pop them on, settle in, get comfortable.

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Today I won’t be engaging you with a tirade…

In the spirit of ranting, allow me to introduce to you the person who ranted best.


I tell you confidently, that he was the finest ranter of all time, managing to hit any nail on its head with a simple sentence.



Comedian Bill Hicks


Bill used the blackest of black comedy to tell his truths.

Purposeful.  Satirical.  Critical.  

Delivered in his own unique style.


War.  Politics.  Children.  Advertising.  Travel.  Guns,  Smoking.  Marijuana.  Psychedelic mushrooms.  Religion.  Society.  Media.  Sexuality.  Consumerism.  Television.  Smoking.  The military.  America.


The list of topics he covered was extensive.



Bill Hicks passed away in the nineties at the age of 32.  Cancer.

Even today, especially today, the work of Bill Hicks is relevant.



Here he is, completely out of context…





I wish Bill was still alive.

I’d love to know his views on all the new stuff in our world.  Twitter, Facebook, blogging, politics, the internet, new types of

terror, reality television…


When I find myself shaking my head at the dynamics of society, I often wonder, What would Bill think?



The best way to experience Bill’s rants and stand-up is on audio CD, he was a very musical and theatrical ranter.

There’s plenty on YouTube as well.







Whose rants do you enjoy?


Robo X