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Win-Win With Teenage Nephews


In exactly three days I will be driving south to drop off Man at one of his BFs houses.

He’s going away for a week and he will be taking all his crap with him.  Camping crap that is.


Sleeping bags, tents, cooking equipment, tarps…  Everything that is needed for his Brokeback Mountain experience. Win No 1 – Free Time and de-cluttered shed


The best part about his little journey is underlined fully here.

But here’s some additional information…


Robo is in fact fourth in line, of all her siblings.  The youngest of four much older siblings…


What this means is that I have lots of nephews.  A couple of older strapping but slightly lazy nephews and a bunch of younger, able, eager-to-earn-pocket-money, teenage nephews.



So this is what is happening…



After I drop Man off for his well-deserved R&R trip, I will be returning home with said Teenage Nephews for a sleep-over.  Win No 2 – My older siblings think I’m the best for taking their kids



Aside from the boys unknowingly entertaining my own two kids, day one will be all about popcorn, videos, pizza, swimming and the Play Station.

Day two will be a whole other story…



On day two, Teenage Nephews will be put to work.  Tedious, laborious chores that Man and I simply don’t have time to do.  All three of them will be weeding, cleaning, carrying and moving things around the yard. They will rake, sweep and climb up a tree to chop a certain branch that’s been giving me the shits.  After that, they will vacuum my car.  Win No 3 – I get stuff done.



This is not my house but it feels like this

All these chores will be happily completed for the princely sum of takeaway, free choice at Civic Video and an endless supply of junk food.  They will also go home with an extra twenty bucks each, for being good kids. Win No 4 – Still maintain ‘Best Aunty’ status.



My plan may sound cunning but as you can see, it’s a win-win situation.  The boys are happy, I’m happier and Man will be cheering to return from Brokeback Mountain with a little bit less to do.



So if you have lots of niggly jobs to get done and you have access to Teenage Nephews or any other willing kid, take my advice, these school holidays.  Four ways to win.  Tried and tested.


Let me know how you get on.


You’re welcome.


Robo X