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A List and Some Memes

This is the first link-up for my new baby, The Lounge and as fate would have it, I’m suffering from an epic case of writer’s block.


In my 35 plus years on earth, there is SO much I wanted to be good at, or thought I could be good at…

Alas, I’ve wasted countless hours doing the things I enjoy most – all of which have very little to do with self-improvement.



I had lots of trouble writing this post.  I even googled the phrase, ‘biggest regrets’ for inspiration but I was still unable to put the proverbial pen to paper.



What do I think I should be better at by now?

Where do I begin?!


Amidst all of my inadequacies and disasters, how is it possible to choose just one topic?



So instead of a traditional post, this is what I came up with:


Robo’s short list of things she thought she’d be better at by now.  And a bunch of memes.



Dwight Failure

I love Dwight Shrute



I claim to be a water baby but I’m a shite swimmer.  I love the pool and adore the beach.  I can swim, but because I didn’t learn to swim properly as a tot, I can’t do it well.  I can’t swim laps with any confidence.

My swimming blows.





Eating well

I can’t say no to good food and wine.

If it’s there and it looks good, I’m going to shove it down my cake hole.  And if there’s an occasion, I’ll drink to it.  If I’d developed better self-control with food and wine, I’d be more Elle Macpherson than Elle McFeast right now.  No offence, Libbi.

I should know how to eat by now.

 clean eating




When I was a youngster, the community language at school was Italian.  In high school, it was German.  I aced them both.  ‘Gifted’ was the word teachers used to describe my ability with languages.  In true Robo fashion, I didn’t bother continuing in this area, nor did I focus as much as I should have on my mother tongue, Greek.  I can get by, but it’s nowhere near enough.

I should be able to speak Italian, German and Greek.


google translate



Following through

I have a long list of things that I have started but have not seen through to the end. Home improvement projects, knitting, art, school work, household chores…  This list has no end.  By now, I thought, I’d be better at commitment, at finishing things…  But I am still a quitter.

Why do I never finish anything?






At this age, I thought I’d be better at saying no.  I can do it in front of a class and with my own kids.  I can do it with Man. But if a colleague or a perfect stranger asks something of me, I agree to do it.  Today, I took a risk and said no to a man in the queue at Myer and of course, I received an epic telling off.  Back in my box.

I should have bigger balls by now.


true story



So there you have it.  Just a smidge of the post I didn’t want to write.  And a few memes thrown in for good measure.

But trust me, there is so much more I thought I’d be better at by now!



What did you think you’d be better at by now?  Are you anything like me?


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