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Sunday Night

Watching an aimless movie, sitting on the lounge.

Only a few things I need to do to get by for the week ahead.


Kitchen’s messy, but manageable and clothes were sorted, earlier in the day when energy levels were high.  Now, I get up every 30 or 40 minutes to unload and reload the machine. When I refill my water bottle, I time it to the advertisements and spend five minutes in the kitchen, washing, wiping or packing,



I love my weekends, especially if they are productive in the garden or the house.

But this is my usual Sunday night.

The energy stores are reduced by the week and finally expended on Saturday’s commitments.



But Sundays are for family, the home.

The energy stores replenish for the week on Sundays. We see friends, build Lego, play dolls and get out.  Man and I talk on Sundays, have a drink together and plan for the next weekend.



But this is my usual Sunday night.

I wonder what you get up to on yours?



Have a wonderful week.





Robo X