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Kyuss Lives. Mean anything to you?

The other week I went to a rock concert.


It was my first time at The Metro on George Street and I will say that it’s probably the best ever intimate venue I’ve experienced.

Being a Wednesday I knew I would struggle; around 7.30pm I’m usually putting kids to bed and dealing with a mountain of plates in the kitchen.


Not last Wednesday!


I was kid free, working on outfit choices and indulging in wine, before being picked up by My Man and driven to the city.



Walking through town at dusk brought back a series of memories I’d misplaced; hanging back after work for drinks, evening shopping trips, city bars and clubs until late – memories from another lifetime.


Heading out for fresh air was another forgotten experience.


The air was thick and heavy with the scent of herbage as I dodged the black shirt brotherhood to find a little brick wall to lean on.

It was a sight to behold.


Heavy metal dudes, stoner dudes, oldies, youngsters, women dressed up as glamorous goths, men in old t-shirts, clearly relics from concerts gone-by.

I stood there in my jeans and white t-shirt, feeling not one bit out of place; actually, feeling rather a part of a small, eclectic family.


Heading back inside for Kyuss, the main event, the crowd was happier somewhat, comfortable by now and ready to enjoy the show.


And it was a good show!


At this standing room only venue, I found a fine little seat to rest my weary legs.

My seat


And I had an uninterrupted vista of the crowd and the stage.  This band is Orange Goblin from the UK.



My Man was completely in his element.  Kyuss is his favourite band of all time so Kyuss Lives is an ‘important concert’.


I appreciated the music and looked on while inhibitions flew.

There’s nothing quite like live music.


Edited to include one of their best songs for Sunday Sessions.



Do you rock on?  Or are your tastes a little more subdued?


Robo X