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Sydney and thrifting

This weekend has been all about Sydney.

Rediscovering places and experiences that remind me of days of old.



Friday night brought an impromptu visit to the Manning Bar at Sydney University.  We were there to see a band called Unida, the lead singer being from another band I saw recently with My Man. We were treated to three raw music sessions – Unida, Sweden’s, Truckfighters and New Zealand’s, Beastwars.


What a line-up!  Even if you aren’t into heavier music no-one can go past a live show.


Even though I’m on the downhill slide to forty, last night I was 19 again – even mingled with the bands after the show.


This is Arthur Seay from Unida.




Robo has a big thing for bearded men.

I asked Arthur for a more candid shot but the one I took didn’t work out well.

He’s just keeping up appearances here  – you know, Rock n Roll.

Very sweet though – polite too.



Today, sober but sorry, was all about Balmain – one of the most vibrant pockets of our inner west.

Since moving to the southern suburbs, I’ve missed hanging out there.  Today was like coming home.


Kimba from Kimbalikes invited me to join in on one of her Terrific Thrifting Tours and I jumped at it.  A morning of serious shopping and an opportunity to reconnect with a place I love.  I’m in!


So with my bloggy buddy Mumabulous and our new friend Camille, we joined Kimba on her insider tour of Balmain vintage.



The stores are gems.

One store is better than the next and each location is a treasure chest, waiting to be rifled through.

I’m not a regular thrift shopper but I’ve always loved looking through racks of used clothing and rummaging in boxes of pre-loved goodies.


My version of thrift shopping however, always involves a great deal of pot-luck. The thing that sets Kimba aside is that she is a skilled thrifter – she knows what to look for and she has that keen eye for style.  



Today I learnt about using clothes in unusual ways, to get the most out of them – layering, mixing fabrics, using colour and combining old and new garments.  I also refined some insider tips on styling longer body lines – in other words, looking leaner and meaner. Gyeah!



Here are my finds…


A brand new denim vest that I bought to wear over dresses on summer nights. $12.95





A pure wool pre-loved vest that I plan to wear with jeans this winter $20





A heavy carved wooden and metal bangle – love at first sight $8





A leather studded clutch in peach. I think I’ll use this from time to time.  Huge bargain. $9





A red check shirt, circa eighties maybe…  The detail on this is amazing and it’s excellent quality.  I was not letting this one go. $8.50


check shirt



A round 50 cent piece – 1966. Here I should fess up another Robo secret – I’m a coin collector.  $12


 fifty cents



A Fox ring that I fell in love with in two seconds flat. $5

Unfortunately my Fox ring refused to be photographed but trust me, it’s cute.



And lastly, this awesome pre-loved army vehicle for Mr 4.   She’s tough but she works and I haven’t seen anything like it in toy stores for a while.  Instant hit as you can see by the Lego men additions hitching a ride. $5.00





Thrifting is something to be experienced,

A wave of calm washes over me when I’m in these spaces.  Giving any item an extension of life is something I find very satisfying.


If you’ve never thrifted, take a morning off and check out your local store.


And if you find yourself heading to Beautiful Balmain, contact Beautiful Kimbaand treat yourself to one of her Terrific Thrifting Tours.

You’ll surprise yourself.



And Arthur Seay if you read this, next time you’re in Sydney, wanna go thrifting?  DM me.



Robo X