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Killing Time

Time is going faster, isn’t it?

It feels like just five years ago that I would shop at Sportsgirl and Miss Shop for my night club staples of short skirts and chunky heels.  These days, with my conservative hemlines and flats, I’m lucky to find even a scarf in those places…


It wasn’t five years ago, by the way, it was more like twenty…  But it just feels like it was yesterday.


Time is going quickly these days, isn’t it?    Tell me it’s not just me…



My Fox ring that I bought on my Thrifting Tour with Kimbalikes. 

So after winning a pass to hear Molly Ringwald speak at the Sydney Writers Festival, Saturday afternoon saw me travelling into beautiful Sydney Town to visit Molly.  And she was fabulous!  But you’ll have to read about Ms Pretty in Pink elsewhere…


Today, I’m talking about my afternoon and how I managed to drink the tiniest amount of elixir from that elusive fountain – I recaptured a small part of my youth and I’m still on a high.



So here are the highlights of my Saturday:


  • After Man wrangled the kids to their second play date of the day, (welcome to my world, babe), I had two hours to not only shower without interruption, but to also carefully choose an outfit and accessories.   Yes, I looked a bit on the on-trend side.
  • This part is a little unglamorous, but I caught the train and the bus into town carrying just a handbag.  A handbag!  No Dora backpack, drink bottle or spare clothes.  I did however, hang onto the mini packet of wipes – they’re indispensable, everyone should carry wipes.
  • I walked slowly down to World Square, not worried about pushing a stroller or losing a toddler.  I did a spot of browsing as the shops closed.  Aimless shopping just like the old days.
  • I stopped for some quiet reflection time and a vodka lime and soda.  I sat at the window seat of a bar, looking out onto busy George Street.  I observed people on the street, watched the monorail doing the last of its runs forever and listened to the different snippets of conversation around me.  I wasn’t Mum, or Wife or Teacher.   For an hour or so, I was just another face in the crowd.


Not a clear shot, but I had a cozy spot at the pub. 

The traffic was for once, a welcome distraction as I looked out my window.  Each time it would start and stop, I noticed drivers clenching their steering wheels and throwing their heads back in annoyance at the amber lights.  As the minutes edged closer to 6pm, the driver frustration grew more apparent and understandable.


I suddenly felt very lucky.


For the first time in a long while, I could just kill time.

Like the old days.

I was killing time, I was without purpose.

And it felt so refreshing to do that, to just be.



How often do you kill time?

When was the last time you did something just for you?



Killing time today with the effervescent Jess and #IBOT.



Robo X