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Still winning with the teens

So the boys have been picked up and I’m now sitting here in Clean Town.


I’m time poor but here’s the brief update:



Win No 1 – Free Time and de-cluttered shed

With all of Man’s camping equipment goneski, I’ve run my broom around the back shed.  Thankfully there is not a lot of mess, just cobwebs, but we’re looking better people.  We’re looking good.



Win No 2 – My older siblings think I’m the best for taking their kids

My sister-in-law is spending her free time having a craft night with her laydeez, whatever that means and my other sister has been able to catch up on study for her course.  Robo is a bit of a legend right now. Favours will be redeemed at a later stage.



Win No 3 – I get stuff done

Big tree, trimmed



Dead tree, chopped



Tree pic

Still a bit of cleaning to do


By the way, don’t you just love my handsome boy?


We’ve worked hard but we’ve had fun.

I’m in pain, even my bra hurts me.  But they the boys are wide awake – tapping away, talking away.


What I wouldn’t do to regain that spirited energy and that stamina once again…

Youth is SO wasted on the young.



Win No 4 – Still maintain ‘Best Aunty’ status

My nephews have had fun.  Swimming, movies and unlimited internet.  Their faces have been firmly planted in their screens, only emerging to ask for food and drink. One nephew told me to download something called Kik on my phone so we could chat when he goes home.  When I went upstairs to sleep, we had another conversation. Via Kik.


Now we’re sitting here on the lounge.  Surprisingly, one of them is still playing with Mr 4s Magna Doodle – it’s been a hit all weekend.  Mr 15 is saying everything he has to say in a drag queen-esque voice and I have named him, ‘my environmentally aware gay hairdresser’.  He repeated all the MKR recipes in this voice and after my two glasses of wine it is still funny.


I made them a great dinner which they said was alright, then I made them a thick shake, blended ice cream with a dash of milk.  They said that was ‘the best’.


Tomorrow is day 3 and our last day together.  We’ll do a skate park to celebrate.  After all, I want them back next school holidays!


How’re your hols?  And for other states, how’s your term 2?


Robo X

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