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So we went ahead and signed up our four and a half year old son for Rugby League.
Not touch footy.


He trains for an hour twice a week and his games are on Saturday mornings. His only other activity is half an hour of swimming.


I always vowed to never over schedule my kids, especially at a young age.
But my four and a half year old son likes footy. He enjoys watching the games, he admires the players in his favourite team and he has good fun on the field.



I had mixed reactions when I shared his news.


Some people were supportive.
Others kept their opinions to themselves and smiled politely.
Two people grimaced, said that it’s fine to do, but they wouldn’t allow their child do it.
And one person shook their head, said that it is wrong, that they would never let their child play footy and that I shouldn’t either.



jake kedzlie

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Some weeks ago this young teen lost his life playing football. He bumped his head on another boy’s knee, as he was getting up from a routine tackle and he did not regain consciousness.


I will always remember young Jake Kedzlie’s story.


This passionate young footballer lost his life, while playing a sport that coursed through his veins.

I think about his mum, Corryn and I wonder if she was ever on the receiving end of free parenting advice.

I hope to God that she wasn’t.



At our club, Under 6’s Junior Rugby League has two trainers, adult supervision and first aid officers. During matches, there is a referee as well as registered officials, who ensure safe, sportsmanlike play. Each team coach is on the field, within a couple of metres of kids at all times, prepared to break up tackles, within moments.


I do everything to ensure my children’s safety.


I lock my doors and check my windows, so they won’t be taken in the night.

I look at my kids before I go to sleep and adjust their covers, to keep them warm.

Sometimes I stand at their door, just to monitor if they are breathing.
I buckle them in, dress them warmly and apply sunscreen.


I’d do anything to ensure my children’s safety.


This includes allowing my son to play Junior Rugby League.
To properly learn the skills required.
So he can play the game he loves.



Rugby or Thugby?
Mother of the year, or MF crazy?


#IBOT with me.


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