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What am I doing here?


The Digital Parents Conference 2013 was, to date, the single most awesome experience of my blogging journey and anyone who considered going and didn’t, should really try to attend the next one.  Really.

It was nothing short of inspiring.





These are the awesome people I sat with most of the time:

Mummyhood101 – Jodi is the blogging buddy who took me under her wing.

Cup of Tea and a Blog – On day 2, Catherine BYO’d her tea.  She also had the blog balls to read her story.

Imogen’s Angels – If ever a passion was needed to blog…  Fiona also has a very deceptive pair of earrings which led me to believe that she was a vocal puncher of cones.

Mummy Manifesto – Lisa lost her voice at #DPCON13, but not on her blog!  She’s championing Perth.

Twitchy Corner – Sharon also had the blog balls to read her story.  Yet another brave woman.

Danya Banya – Danya brought her beautiful baby to #DPCON13.  Her lovely blog is all things craft and all things Mum.

Simple Loving Thoughts – What can I say?  You know that feeling you get when someone affirms that there are still good people in this world.

I also sat with Catherine, who is researching women bloggers. For her Ph.D. nonetheless!



The DP Conference was a big, meaty learning experience, with all the drippings.

As anticipated, I was so far out of my damn comfort zone…  But it was simply a matter of sinking from nervousness, or trying to swim.

I swam.  With floaties.



I went into the conference with a burning question.

What am I doing here?


I’m not nichey or crafty- I’m not a mummy extraordinaire.

I don’t cook for the thrill.  I’m not full of parenting advice.

I do not possess specialist expertise in anything, except getting through the day.

Nose to the grindstone, blinkers on, head down, going through the motions.




So what am I doing here, in the blogosphere?

I still don’t know.

And #DPCON13 taught me that it’s OK to not know.

And it’s OK to mix it up a little.



There aren’t really any rules to the way you wanna blog.

You just get your words out.



Robo X


Mixing it up with Essentially Jess for IBOT.  (So great to finally put faces to names!)

Officially freaking out for DPCon13!

I’m officially freaking out for DPCon13.



I’ve been working like mad woman; getting washing done, organising uniforms, lifts and lunches.  I’ve cleared out the toy area and I’ve packed away everything humanly possibly.  Tomorrow I’ll head into work and probably work like a mofo there too, preparing my classes and leaving lessons for the next two days.


The over-organising is a nervous reaction.

I’m scratching at my neck too – I think I’ve developed anxiety hives…




I’m not the type of person who deals well with meeting people for the first time.  I’m awesome in front of my classes at school but with other adults, I can lose it.  I’m not an introvert but for reasons unbeknownst to me, I become a tongue-tied mess – especially in situations like this.

I’m officially freaking out for DPCon13,mainly because I blog anonymously, which you can read about here . I seem to also have this underlying identity issue happening…  Gah!  I’m still working it all out…


And in all the panic, I completely forgot to organise cards.  Idiot.

But before this becomes an even MORE purposeless post, I’ll stop.

I’ll get myself over it somehow.



So if you spot a blotchy brunette scratching away in the corner, please say hi.


She’ll probably hand you some dodgy excuse for a business card and blurt out something that sounds wrong. Be patient, just quietly, she’s already shitting bricks


Are you, or were you a nervous newbie?




Posting for this week’s #IBOT


Robo X