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School, The Dentist, The Spider & The Filthy Bastard

Since last Thursday I’ve been down and out with a good old fashioned man flu.  This week, the body machine has been positively tried and tested.  Grueling.  Matters best left undiscussed.
It’s been horrible and still not over.



SO after an unintentional bloggy break, I’m happy to report the following:




Sort of. 


Be warned people…  This year’s flu hits hard and fast and the general shittiness lingers long after it’s ‘gone’.


So after a bed-ridden long weekend which, quite literally, blew chunks, I have very little to say.


But, here’s some of what’s happened:



Reports are due.

Enough said.



The Dentist

He charged me $40 to look at my kids tooth.  One tooth.  One minute.

Told me exactly what Google did.

Forty bucks!



The Spider

There was a big brown spider in my Crapastra.  I lost my shiz, somehow managed to pull the car over at my daughter’s day care and get myself and the kids the feck out while Man begrudgingly squashed it.  He was happy to ‘leave it alone’ but I firmly requested, “That thing better be fucking dead when I get back”.

Arachnophobia.   Hard.



The Filthy Bastard

I saw a guy on the street blowing snot out of his nose.  No tissue.

Have you ever seen this?  Un-erasable from the memory.

I cringe when my own kids get those stringy boogers.




So there’s my feeble attempt at freestylin with the ladies in The Lounge.


The Lounge Logo


This week over at The Very Inappropriate Blog.



Don’t get sick peeps!

Stay well.  Stay warm.



Robo X