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My Top 5 Crappiest Gifts

I’ll keep this post brief.  My PC doesn’t feel like adding images today but really,  I think they speak for themselves…


1.  A strange looking, nausea inducing, neck massager from the two dollar shop.  It was a Kris Kringle gift.  WTF?


2.  Ill-fitting, ‘sexy’ lingerie from My Man.  He thought it was becoming but I think I looked more like a one night wife.  Sorry babe, the smelly drawer thing was nice.


3.  My Man strikes again, this time with a very unique gift that still makes me laugh.  A homemade voucher with a screw taped onto it…  Enough said?


4.  This isn’t mine and it isn’t Christmas but my brother received some daggy 1980s crystal from a couple for his wedding, complete with a card addressed to this couple for their own wedding day.  Seriously, if you’re going to recycle, do it tactfully.


5.  I don’t really have a number 5, unless I tell you about the girls’ sandals my son received from our old neighbour, Mary, may she rest in peace.  Until her dying day, Mary thought my son was a girl.  I didn’t have the heart to correct her…


So there you have it, My Top 5 Crappiest Gifts.  Not really that bad.


If you’re reading babe, this year I’d love a clothing voucher from Country Road, a real one, and some time to go and spend it. 


That’s all.


Robomum X


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Dear Santa

Well I’m glad I dedicated today to catching up on blogging. 

It seems I’ve been tagged in the Essentially Jess Christmas List.


Here is my Money is No Object, Christmas List


Dear Santa,


  1.  I want a couple of guys to come and build me a deck so I can enjoy my backyard.  A cool breezy deck, an outdoor extension of my home.
  2. I want a couple of guys to update and move my retro kitchen the back of the house so I can use my imaginary deck a lot more – it’s too expensive.
  3. I need a storage person to help me de-clutter my office space so I can use this part of my home – it’s a freaking disaster.
  4. Having lost a little weight recently I’d love a home chef to cook me low calorie, tasty meals and snacks for the next twelve months. 
  5. I’d love to be able to have three hours to myself, every single morning, to use as I please.  Exercising, writing, shopping, organising, seeing friends and family, hair and nails, skincare… you get the drift…


So now I’m tagging some awesome bloggers I follow to hear the gifts they would choose if they had a magic million!



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Robomum X