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Food, Bath, Milk and Sleep. A Hot TIp!


Since reading Have a Laugh on Me and her account of Witching Hour, I have been reflecting our own Witching Hour….  That manic time of the day where we have four main objectives and each one of them is met with resistance and a filthy attitude.


Today, instead of complaining about the problems, I’m going to deliver solutions.



I’m sharing a parenting tip that I have been using with success for quite a while.  I thought I was Mother of the Year actually, until I Googled my tip and realised that clearly, I am living in a parallel universe with the other mums and dads who do the same thing.


Regardless, it’s too good to not share, so here it is:



Food colouring in the bath water.


Food colouring



Food colouring in the bath water is legendary.

It’s The Most Awesome Thing EVER!



Food Colouring in the bath water is:


  • The Octonauts’ Deep Purple Water
  • Captain Barnacles Stormy Adventure.
  • Dora is scared of the Blue Water.
  • The Green Water Adventure
  • The Ocean is Red Like Blood (personally, this title creeps me out a little)



Food colouring in the bath water never gets old.  On an exceptionally crazy day, I just change the colour.


It buys me about 15 minutes, in the eye of the storm that is Witching Hour.  I sit on the loo watching my kids and suggest scenarios for figurines who need ‘saving’ from ‘The Island’, (the edge of the bath), or who need ‘help to escape the treacherous snow storm’, (white wash cloths).



So the next time you find yourself about to lose your shit during Witching Hour, think of my pioneering parenting skills and head for your pantry.



Food Colouring in the Baaaath Wateeeeerrrr!!!! (Best Oprah voice)



Robo X