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Alexander dreaming

* Not a sponsored post, I promise.  Just thoroughly impressed.


I don’t get out much in Sydney City, not as much as I used to.

My outings these days are limited to work, the local IGA, swimming lessons, footy training and friend’s places.  Friends with kids usually…

When Man suggested the Alexander he Great exhibition in town, I was a little hesitant, but we did it anyway.




I’m ashamed to admit it but I’m uncultured in this respect.  Besides organising school excursions, my last intentional visit to a museum was Rembrandt in Canberra, circa 1995…   Being of Greek origin however, I’d been wanting to see our all important Alexander for a long time.


I thought a visit to a museum in with kids would be like a trip through hell.

How wrong was I!  Partly.



Alexander the Great may have conquered the world, but he couldn’t conquer my kids. They complained the entire way, forcing me to take in 2000 years of my Hellenic history in 15 minutes.


My kids ruined the museum experience for about 60 other paying members of the public, so we hotfooted out of there before being asked to leave.

Of course, My Man continued his journey through Hellenism…



Wandering around the rest of the museum, the kids and I found so much stuff!


Dinosaurs, skeletons, wildlife, scary stuff, things you could touch and feel, fossils and an entire section dedicated to good old fashioned get your hands dirty kind of fun.  And without a screen in sight.


This was non-stop-touch-whatever you-like kind of fun.  A space where they could do whatever they wanted.



20130329_115347[1] 20130329_115922[1] 20130329_120344[1] 20130329_120519[1]


Mr 4 is still talking about the scary stuff he saw.

Me?  I’m still Alexander dreaming…


Do you know of any cultural experiences you can take your kids on, without either breaking the budget or tearing the place down?


Share.  Please.


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