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Anti Antibiotics

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Today I hit the medical jackpot.


Since moving house last year, I’ve searched the burbs for a doc who is on my page and I finally found him yesterday.



As a kid, Robo was pretty snotty and sickly.  I frequently suffered with acute tonsillitis, and my mother would take me to our local family doctor who would prescribe antibiotics to make me better.



Of course the antibiotics would work, but Mother Nature’s a tough old biddy, so the tonsillitis would return, bigger and badder.  I’d be sicker during the next bout, much snottier.


What I needed was not antibiotics, it was a tonsillectomy.  My non-English speaking parents were frightened of an operation, thinking they were doing the right thing by avoiding one.

Regrettably, as an adult, I had my tonsillectomy.

The pain, my friends…  The immense, intolerable pain of a tonsillectomy is up there with labour. No exaggeration.



I’m dead set passionate about avoiding antibiotics.

Antibiotics only kill bacteria.  They don’t kill a cold.  People don’t know this,



My first parental experience with antibiotics was when, as a toddler, my son got sick.  I took him to the local medical centre where the locum prescribed him antibiotics within a couple of moments of us arriving.  Two days later I took him to my GP who freaked out at this doctor’s diagnosis. He instructed me to stop the antibiotics immediately and try lactose free baby formula.


That afternoon my baby was better.

That afternoon I learnt my lesson.



This week, that same child, now five, has been running a temperature and a cough.  After two days of staying quiet at home, I couldn’t get his temperature down, so I visited my last-ditch doctor in my new suburb.




Instead of prescribing antibiotics and showing us the door, he took the time to listen. He checked my child, talked with him and talked to me about my views.  He respected my thoughts on antibiotics, and shared his own.



This new doctor wrote me an antibiotics script and instructed me to go home and take care of my baby.  He told me not to fill it until Thursday, that is, if Mr 5 was not better by then.



I know in this day and age of quick fixes, antibiotics are a god-send.  I know we work long hours and lead busy lives and I know with more than one kid at school, germs can spread like wildfire.


But antibiotics resistance is serious shiz.



In our global village, where you can be on the other side of the world within the day, you don’t want to mess with your immunity.



I draw a careful line at antibiotics.  They are miraculous and they are a god-send but they should not be taken for granted.



Check out Dr John D’Arcy in this clip:



And whilst I’m on the topic of germs, I don’t even bathe my kids every day in the winter.



Putting my parenting out there again…


Mother of the Year or Bad Mother?

Where do you stand on antibiotics?




Robo X


PS.  I filled the script this afternoon as Mr 5 took a turn for the worse.  Like I said, antibiotics are a gift but we need to be careful.