Hips Don’t Lie

Welcome to The Lounge for another week!

This week’s theme is ‘things I suck at’.

Oh where should I begin?!




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My diet.


I cannot get it right.


I’ve started more get-fit quests than I can remember and along the way, I’ve parted with a hefty fortune I’d rather forget.


There has been no expense spared on health magazines, diet pills, magic teas, meal replacement shakes and fill-me-up juices.  I’ve invested in gym memberships and personal trainers, microwave dinners, group fitness and pricey lifestyle programs.


I’ve also tried my fair share of diets.  Paleo, low GI, low cal, low carb, no carb, soup – both cabbage and vegetable, the blood group diet and the pinnacle of all crash diets, the grapefruit diet…


Things work for a while, then, nothing.


The other week my sister called me at 9pm.


She had the ‘tone’ in her voice.  Matter-of-fact, to the point and curt.


When the ‘tone’ comes out, sister means business.




Her monologue lasted for exactly two minutes, I timed her on the oven clock in my kitchen.



Robo, (she used my real name).  I’m just calling to say that I‘ve was thinking about you and I think that your weight problem can be fixed.  For once and for all. It isn’t that you don’t exercise because you do.  Your problem is portion control.  You don’t know when to stop and you don’t know what to eat.  And you drink alcohol and you like dessert, so it’s doubly bad.  My friend Effie has just lost 6 kilograms using Lite n Easy and she looks great.  (At this point she went on about Effie’s diet highs and lows for a while.)  And you have such a pretty face! It’s krima* for you to be so overweight. 



And so it was said.


The brutal honesty that only a sister can deliver.


I was not upset with her.




The fact of the matter is that I did lose weight after my last baby.  Most of the pregnancy weight came off.  And it stayed off, until I stopped being careful with food.  After that, he weight didn’t just creep back on, it piled on with retribution, quickly and I ballooned to an epic 83 kilograms.



83 kilograms.

The biggest I’ve ever been.

It’s humiliating to type the figure.



My saving grace is that I’m tall.  So to the average person, I don’t look ‘fat’.  I look like I could lose a few kilos.  But in reality, I need to lose a minimum of 13 kilograms, to place in the healthy BMI range.



I exercise regularly so I am not unfit.  I’m just too heavy.


And my sister is right.  I eat all the wrong things.






My runners at the gym



So Lite n Easy it is.  I’m at the start of my second week and I feel pretty good.  I have energy and the food is much better than I anticipated.  There is also a huge amount of food and it arrives in neat little organised parcels that strangely satisfy the methodical, organised side of my personality.



Finally, I feel as though I am doing myself a huge, long overdue favour.


Somehow, this feels like it could be it.




Hopefully, this is it.

Fingers crossed, I’ll learn my lesson.



How’s your diet?  Any tips?  Who is your critical friend?





Robo X




*a shame



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44 responses to “Hips Don’t Lie

  • Lydia C. Lee

    Good for you, and I hope it works for you.I have no tips, as I too like a lot of the ‘bad’ things – I do think the portion control is often the trick…

  • Sarah Mac

    Good for you and good luck with the diet – I can always rely on MY sister too to tell me how it is – sometimes it really is what we need to hear.

  • Lee-Anne

    I’d never presume to give advice on weight as I too like ‘the bad things’, but I think you’ve hit the nail on the head with portion control – you can still have the good stuff, but not too much of it. Look at the French – I love their philosophy – cheese, butter, wine, pastry – but only a little! 😦

    A friend is on Lite n Easy and loves it. It’s taken out the stress of weighing and analysing everything you put in your mouth. Plus it tastes nice!

    Good luck, Robo!

  • Me

    Lite n Easy is a great way to lose weight – all three of us lost weight on it but we found that after a while we got a bit bored with the choices available.
    My daughter is my voice !!
    Good luck and have the best day !

  • Kylie Purtell

    I can attest to Lite n Easy being good. My problem is portion control too, and I think that’s what Lite n Easy made me realise, that I don’t need to eat the huge portions that I was before! And boy did I not realise how huge they actually were before I started LnE. The other awesome thing has been not having to think about what I’m having for lunch or dinner, it’s all right there, and with the the girls being the way they are I don’t want to waste the few precious moments when I hit the jackpot and get them both asleep at the same time trying figure out and make lunch!

    I’ve been bad lately though, with Mum and my birthday it’s been really easy to eat all the chocolate and get takeaway at the hospital. Really need to get back to not cheating! I’ve lost 20kgs in the 11 months since Zee was born, 11 of those this year, but I still have at least 15 to go so need to be disciplined.

    • Robomum

      When there’s a change, it’s easy to get off track. Hopefully things will be back to normal soon. The portions are just great and the time saving is unbeatable. I can’t wait until I see results as well. It will make everything worthwhile. X

  • Ness

    Diets suck. Not you. It’s the diets that suck. Having said that I do know people who’ve done Lite and Queasy and loved it so hopefully you’ll be one of them too. Good luck. xo

  • ann stuck

    Oooh keep us posted on your progress in a couple of weeks!! I need to get off my butt and do more and probably not eat too much dessert or enjoy a few drinks on a weekend but then I don’t think its what I am consuming for me it is all about not doing enough exercise.

    • Robomum

      I will! Posting about it has made it very real.
      Walk to the shops when you can – or crank the music when you’re cleaning up. If you keep fairly active you won’t need to exercise as much.

  • Tegan Churchill

    Good on you for doing something about your weight.

    I am currently doing the Shannan Ponton Challenge and really enjoying it. It’s been interesting seeing the things that I really struggle with being amplified when I am trying to change them.

    My weight issues are an extremely sensitive subject. I grew up with my mother calling me fat, questioning everything I dared to put in my mouth and telling a psychiatrist that I was a lazy pig when he said that he believed I had an eating disorder. A lot of those words still govern a lot of what I do. I still ‘sneak’ food, food that I have every right to eat, despite the only person I have to answer to really is a 4 year old.

    • Robomum

      Oh Teegs this made me so upset. But you’re right – you only have a responsibility to yourself and your beautiful boy. I think as long as we make every attempt to eat healthily and stay fit five days out of seven, then that is good enough. XX

  • Mystery Case

    I’m almost 10 kilos off my ideal weight and thanks to health issues and meds there is nothing I can do about it, believe me I’ve tried. Although, I suspect if I wasn’t doing all the right things the weight gain could have been much more. While I’m trying to embrace the extra weight I’m looking at better ways to style or present myself so I don’t feel so miserable. I’ve even started posting daily outfit shares on Instagram.

  • Psych Babbler

    Diet is my biggest problem too!! I have a very bad sweet tooth and also love my cheese and wine…I have been working on it lately though by setting up a support group over whatsapp with a couple of friends where we set goals for the week and support each other as well as hold one another accountable. I lost almost 10 kilos back in 2012-13 following a healthy diet and exercise regime…but yeah, the diet is way harder to follow for me lately than the exercise.

    Good luck with it all…but do develop a support network. It certainly helps!

    • Robomum

      We’re in the same boat… Support is huge – I agree with you on that one. All the ladies at work know about the Lite n Easy so they’re very supportive. X

  • Leanne @ Deep Fried Fruit

    yay for you!!! I’ve heard Lite n Easy really works. The bonus is it’s already prepared which has gotta help.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Go you!!
    Leanne @ Deep Fried Fruit

  • Neets

    I’ve also tried every diet under the sun! I’d hate to think about how much I’ve spent on diets over the years. I’ve also done lite n easy and it really does work. The dinners are great for convenience too and well portion controlled. Only thing is, it doesn’t teach you how to eat, they just provide your meals for you. My advice would be that when you come off it, have a great plan in place to maintain your weight. I recently gained 27kgs after bub no 3 and 8 weeks post partum, I’ve dropped 15kgs. Your weight is 80% diet related. Do me a favour. There is a great documentary on the ABC. It screens on a Thursday night at 9.30pm. It’s called The Men That Made Us Thin. Youtube last weeks one, it’s really, really interesting. Keep us posted with L&E.

    • Robomum

      You are SO right. This cannot be a permanent thing so I need to work out what I’m going to do afterwards. Believe it or not, the doco is on ABC1 right now! It is interesting – you’re right. The PT that I’ve been seeing said the same things as you about diet vs exercise. It’s so true!
      I’ll let you know how I go. Good luck to you too. X

  • Jody ast Six Little Hearts

    Good luck with it! I have always liked the sound of Light and Easy as it seems so little effort – I would like the convenience of prepared meals delivered to my home so that I’d never have to prepare them ever again!

  • stephanie@stephsjoy

    Sounds like Lite and Easy is working well for you! I started the month of june really well with the intention of no chocolate or junk food. Unfortunately a holiday and then my boy had an operation, the chocolate floodgate had to be opened. Will try to start again in a few days time and also restart my exercise regime.

  • Sally@Toddlers on Tour

    I hear you Robo. I too like the cakes and biscuits and goodies. However I’ve just discovered I have a wheat intollerance and the weight starting (ever so slowly) to shift. Good luck with your new eating regime.

  • Lisa@RandomActsOfZen

    Portion control is my biggest issue too! I’ve heard wonderful things about L & E, hope it goes well for you too. You’ve taken the first step, which is a big step 🙂

  • Rebecca Stephens (@LighterMum)

    Ugh, I’m so jealous. I lost about 8kgs on Lite n Easy after my first son was born. I’ve struggled to lose weight (and pretty much failed) after Son #2. And it’s pointless me trying Lite n Easy at the moment because a) we can’t afford it, b) my boys would just try to eat my food, c) our tiny freezer isn’t big enough to fit everything in! (See what I just did there? Made more excuses about why I can’t possibly lose weight:-)).

  • Robomum

    I was like that as well for a little while but I shuffled a couple of things around and I’ve given myself 6 weeks of Lite n Easy. Bills are sky high for everyone but this is something that will help me in the long run… If it works…
    Well as for you, walking is free, the park is free… There are lots of videos on YouTube about freezer cooking good healthy portioned out food that you should check out. As you already know, if you have meals on hand then you’re less likely to reach for the crap.
    Good luck XX

  • Grace

    I’m on a weight-loss journey too. In 3 weeks, I’ve lost 2.5 kilos. The secret? Stick to 5 – 6 small meals a day and your sister’s right. It’s all about portion control.
    I cut out all processed carbs at dinner but pack on the veggies.
    Also, be easy on yourself and enjoy the journey. I write in a journal after my weekly weigh in. Everything’s in there, my little high 5’s and my disappointments.
    Also, give yourself little weekly rewards i.e. Lose up to 300 gms – have a nice long bath. Lose up to 600 gms – buy a pair of earrings. Lose more than a kilo – get a facial or a massage.
    But like I said, be easy on yourself. The more pressure you put on yourself, the more daunting it’ll be. You can do it, Robo! x

  • Bec @ The Plumbette

    Your shape sounds very similar to me. Before I fell pregnant with bub number 3 I was 85kg but I had a baby 9 months earlier. I should be around the 65-75kg mark for a healthy BMI. I’m tall too so when people look at me, they don’t see a ‘fat’ girl, just voluptuous. I’m thinking of giving Lite n Easy a go after I have bub 3 just for convenience and to help shift the kgs slowly. Good Luck Robomum. Look forward to reading how you go with it all. x

  • mumabulous

    Don’t worry too much. You look great! You are perfectly proportioned. Just eat healthy and do a little exercise to make yourself feel good.

  • Emily @ Have A Laugh On Me

    You are like me, we are tall so can hide our chub but it’s how we feel, eg that we are carrying more weight than we’d like. So I have packed on weight recently but after a detox to reset my eating habits I am now exercising! Yes you are still talking to Em – Have A Laugh! Hang in there, you can do it!
    (the fact that Brenda spoke like she knew you makes me think she knows you….. nosey journo) xx

  • Robomum

    She does… Hmmm… The plot thickens… Brenda and I have met twice and bloggy events. Nosey! X

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