Greed is Not Good

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Next week it’s all about Winter, this week it’s all about Money.

If was ten times smarter, (and blessed with the ability to commit and see tasks through to their end), I would like to have become a Detective.



The thrill of the chase is clearly in my blood.  When a huge case breaks, especially in NSW, I’m insatiable.    I relish all media until I’ve explored the story to its fullest.  I form my own conclusions about the Whodunit and it becomes my ‘topic of the week’ as the story unfolds.



Most recently, the crime that’s had me checking the news at an alarming rate, is the one involving 20 year old student, Jamie Gao and ex-NSW Police Detectives, Roger Rogerson and Glen McNamara.  As soon as Jamie’s body was found wrapped in plastic and floating off Cronulla Beach, it was safe to assume that he was not an innocent party in this case.



Greed does not take long to strike.


This boy, barely old enough to be a man, must have thought he was untouchable.  What was he thinking, mixing in those murky circles?


How a kid can be involved in such a high stakes crime, how a kid can be acquainted with such high profile police and criminals, is too far-fetched to be believable.



The bittersweet upshot of this particular case is that millions of  dollars’ worth of methamphetamines did not make it to our streets. This time…


Another young Jamie Gao is undoubtedtly climbing the ranks. Another untouchable.



download (7)

Source:  SMH



Greed is never good.

If human life is meant to be priceless, how is it so easily sacrificed for a dollar?




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16 responses to “Greed is Not Good

  • Lydia C. Lee

    I thought initially it was some kid who’d watched too much Breaking Bad, and I was devastated – I’d assumed he was buying the drugs. Then I read he’s selling them and was high up in the HK drug trade – how does that even happen? And apparently no one knew? How do you go about seemingly a normal uni student but have this double life?

    • Robomum

      I had the same thoughts exactly! No idea. He was still practically in nappies… People must have known. No-one gets that ‘high up’ without other people knowing.

  • Emily @ Have A Laugh On Me

    So sad how people can get caught up in things that are bigger than they know! I hope you’re well Robo! x

  • mumabulous

    Greed is not good. Ambition with a heart and a conscience is good. You would have been an awesome detective Robo 🙂

  • peopledonteatenoughfudge

    How incredibly sad that a) he thought this was the way in life and b) that he lost his life doing it.

  • Ai Sakura

    it’s just awful the way the world works sometimes, but then there’s always the positive to balance that and to remind us that the world is, a better place.

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  • Ed @ The Tunnel

    A sad reminder that it’s dangerous enough doing drugs – it’s even more hazardous to sell them.

    I’m sure you realise it’s never too late for a career change. But isn’t being a teacher a lot like being a cop anyway?

    • Robomum

      Yes. A kid said the C word today and I had to figure out who it was. I used all of my detective powers, I employed the prisoner’s debate tactic upon separation of the kids and guess what? I found the culprit. So yes, teaching is lots like being a cop. X

  • Lee-Anne

    I haven’t read much about Jamie Gai but I know 2 things – he was an only child and he lived in a suburb not very far away from mine. It seems inconceivable that this boy-man who appears to be on the brink of a good life, would involve himself in the murky drug world…and so deeply.

    Perhaps, in spite of Jamie’s obvious advantages, he lacked the love and support that provides values, stops our kids from turning into criminals and sociopaths. So terribly sad.

    • Robomum

      I don’t live far from where all of this unfolded either. I feel terrible too. I honestly hope that Mum and Dad were oblivious to his goings on. If there was parental involvement in this, then that would make it even worse. Just terrible…

  • Grace

    It’s terribly sad how people think that drug dealing is the fast, quick way to power and money. And while Jamie Gao may not be innocent, he’s still someone’s son and maybe brother. So sad that this was the path he chose.

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