I Reckon Midwives Rock!

Welcome to The Lounge for another Thursday.  This week, our keyword is Midwife.

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Birthing my baby has been my stand-out experience of self-determination, personal endurance and pure love.

I can’t imagine anything that could take its place.



That day in 2008, like millions of other women before me, I put my fears aside, managed the indescribable pain and did one of the most important things I will ever accomplish.



Then, two years later, I did it again…



And my mum was right.  The minute babies are born, somehow pain washes over the woman and it is substituted by the intensity that is Maternal Love.

Unmatched Love.


Birthing my babies took stamina, resilience, some visualisation and a great deal of positive thinking.


It also took support.


My husband who held my hand.

A doctor who was cool and collected.

And a midwife.  An amazing angel-midwife!



She listened with an empathetic ear, she encouraged me to soldier on and she articulated my feelings when I was labouring and could not speak.

She knew how to manage a soon-to-be-mother with sensitivity, a smile and a bucket load of confidence.



As Monday is International Day of the Midwife, I wanted to create a little awareness on my blog about these special people.




More of a calling than a career, I reckon.


Have you written your birth story?  Link your post below and please, show some support for #IDM2014 on Monday.



In the mean time, you can check out my favourite Midwife Blogger here.  She rocks!



Happy International Day of the Midwife for Monday!




Robo X


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