School. It’s back.

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Cheers for joining me in The Lounge for another week.  This week we’re talking School.

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As a teacher and mother, preparing for school is something I both loathe and love in equal parts.

It’s a tough one.



The school year looms largest after mid-January and my teacher side becomes aprehensive about the last few weeks of the holidays.  There’s organising, programming and preparation.  Hours of it.  The reality of early mornings sets in and in the last week, via anxiety-laden message marathons with work friends,  I’m reminded of shitty colleagues and the fact that I’ll have to elbow my way through the NSWDEC red tape for yet another year.




My mother side looks forward to a different, not so sinister, type of school preparation.  They type where my child is fitted for shoes, chooses a drink bottle and cooler bag and gets a haircut.  The preparation where uniform is washed, pressed and of course, labelled.  I look forward to the hype which sees bags packed and unpacked a few times, just to make sure we haven’t forgotten anything and a loose promise of increased maturity for growing a whole school year older.

Love LOVE.



Chalk talk is ubiquitous in the last few weeks of the holidays and the whole Robo family grows very excited.  We discuss expectations, new friends and homework.  While we chat about teachers, preferred lunches and after school activities, I might nod and gesture purposefully but I’m always wondering

how in hell

am I going to take care of myself, my kids and my husband,

get off to work on time, take care of my students, please the bureaucrats

and then come home to homework, dinner, bath and bed.

And the rest.



How in hell?

I’m exhausted just thinking about it.



But it happens.  Somehow everything just works itself out.  We’re clean, we’re fed, we’ve done our homework and the family, Mother and Teacher included, keep their shit together enough to get through the term and have a little fun along the way.  Just.



Are you a working parent?  What’s your secret?




Robo X

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10 responses to “School. It’s back.

  • Emily

    I’m not at this stage yet. But we do start kinder next week. At 8.30. I have NO IDEA how I am going to make that happen. Well, I do, but it involves me looking rather frightful and forfeiting the only sleep I currently get, which is 7.00-7.45am. Sob.

    Pleasing the bureaucrats sounds like the hardest part of your day, though.

  • Have a laugh on me

    I’m not sure how you do it either Robo – you teachers deserve a medal as far as I’m concerned! I battle with organising things and I work within the home! Red tape does suck, I hope this week is without event and the rest get easier xx

  • Tegan Churchill

    I don’t know how you manage it. My mum is a teacher aide and some of the stories she tells are horrific, so I can only imagine that being head of a classroom is much worse.

  • Jaz @ Red Dolls

    Teachers are unsung heroes! Being a working mum is hard work, I guess its just takes being disciplined with routine for me that’s not having a second (or third!) beer and cooking dinner early so the kids are fed, bathed and chillaxed at a sensible hour. If they are cool, I’m cool – good luck!

    • Robomum

      The cooking/drinking/cooking can be very easy! Some good tips there and I agree with you. If I’m chilled, they’re usually chilled. Don’t worry about linknig an old post. We’re about themes at The Lounge, not new posts. X

  • Jaz @ Red Dolls

    Sorry, not a new post either – the only school related one I’ve got….

  • Grace

    I have so much for working parents – especially teachers! I reckon you must be one very organised chica!

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