Waste Not

The events of last week left me feeling flatter than usual. So when Friday night finally arrived, all I could do was make myself comfortably numb, close my screens and set myself up on the lounge to reflect.



Life, aside from the predictability of the routine, is OK.

Nothing bad has happened to me?



Last week, I had the opportunity to see life from the perspective of someone less fortunate.

And I’ll tell you bluntly, what I saw was fucked.



The incident was on my mind all week.

I still think about it now.



When I find myself complaining, I remember.

When I think about my kids, I remember.

When I noticed too many lights on in my home tonight, I remembered…



And I got up and switched them off.






Because some people rub sticks together to get their light.

Because some people don’t have a magical white switch to flick.

Because some people don’t live in homes, with lights that they can leave on.



I was angry with myself last Friday.

First World Fuckwit’s Syndrome.




But sometimes it’s good to be angry.

Anger puts a fire in my belly. It makes me want to do something.

Something worthwhile.



Do you get FWFS?  What puts the fire in your belly?




Robo X


#IBOTing for the first time in ages over at Essentially Jess

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20 responses to “Waste Not

  • Tegan Churchill

    I think taking stock of what we have is a great idea, but at the same time we can’t let it take over our lives to the point where we become paralysed. Venting, complaining, whatever is good for the soul. You can’t just keep shit in, that’s how resentment builds and then that doesn’t help anyone. I think it’s hard to find the balance some days, between being a self indulgent westerner and an empathetic person of the world. That’s ok though, as long as we know the difference.

  • mumabulous

    I agree, its a very good thing to reflect on how good we have it.

  • Lydia C. Lee

    Guilt is good if it makes you make change – if it prompts you to do something about it.

  • Eleise

    Perspective is a good thing especially if it can help you change your thoughts and be happier! Have a great week.

  • Author Bek Mugridge (@bekmugridge)

    Yes! I do!
    We do take for granted how lucky we are, we are in a society trend where we never seem to think we have enough and yet we buy food we throw in the bin, have all our lights on – even in empty shops, we have clothes our kids don;t wear, toys they don’t play with.
    3 years ago we moved to the Hinterland Range, I had always taken for granted that you turn on a tap and water just comes out, living here though you have one rainwater tank for everything, washing, drinking, showering, toilet and when it is empty there is no magic switch you have to buy more which can take days so you have to be very careful.
    And even in this situation I am so aware that we are still so so so much luckier than many families around the world.
    Perspective and awareness are powerful and can be life changing and fire in your belly is also the seed of passion and passion changes and heals the world X

    • robomum

      Your place sounds like my kind of place. Amazing.
      I like people who are grounded and see that there is more to life than ‘things’. Thanks for engaging with my post. X

  • Have a laugh on me

    Whenever I start to feel the anger swell in me, I try and walk outside and leave the room, because it’s usually not a biggie, it’s just frustration at little people not doing what I tell them to – and it could be WAY worse, eg they could have ill health. xx

  • themisscinders

    Yep, I get what you are saying.

    If we were subject to what others have as their ‘normal’ for just one week, we would change a lot about our lives to be more in touch with what is really important.

    MC xo

  • EssentiallyJess

    It’s so hard sometimes to find the balance. I was thinking about this sort of thing recently, in terms of Christmas. We are so indulgent and spend so much money at that time of year, and I question if it’s necessary. But then I think if we have an attitude of generosity, surely it’s also ok to indulge occasionally? I don’t know honestly. The whole thing confuses me.

  • SarahD Nolan

    At least you have a strong conscience, you realise you have it good compared to some, this is important, in this as you say “First World Life” . We all every now and again have to swallow a large spoonful of perspective to know how good we have it.

  • Renee

    God yes, I’ve had it a lot lately. I’ve had to remind myself to settle the eff down at times recently and have a good hard think about what I’m worrying about. It’s so important to take time to reflect on the positive and how good we have it compared to others.

  • robomum

    Yep so true!! Hard to deal with sometimes. X

  • Kate @ My Dear Angel

    Oh, it has a name! First World Fuckwit’s Syndrome. I, too, have thought about your previous post all week.

    I am very fortunate to have had my first overseas trip at age seventeen, not to Disneyland or Western Europe, but to remote Papua New Guinea, up in the mountains with the poor hill tribes. An experience I will never forgot… and since then I’ve traveled in war torn Eastern Europe and The Balkans. And Cuba thereafter. I am married to a Cuban whose family struggle daily. Our problems? What problems!

    I don’t deal with First World Fuckwit’s Syndrome at all. At a time like this when mothers in the Philippines are struggling to feed and shelter terrified children, I couldn’t even look at the magazine covers in the supermarket today…

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