Car Park Rage

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This week we’re all about The Open Letter

A letter that is addressed to a particular person or organisation but nonetheless, publicised for the whole world to see.  I love them hard!



An Open Letter to Australian National Car Parks

(Do you know the bastards?)





From time to time I visit Aldi where the nappies, wipes and tissues are very cheap and excellent quality.  My hairdresser is also opposite Aldi, so I use the parking lot for that too.



The other week, I was booked in at the hairdresser and as usual, used the Aldi car park.  I dutifully purchased my ticket and walked over to the salon.  Fifty-five minutes later, I walked back to renew my ticket for a further two hours, (my hairdresser cannot multitask).



When I finally finished at the salon, I had an hour to spare, so looking a bit glam, I went to Aldi to buy my nappies and wipes. When I returned to my car, there was an $88 fine stuck rudely to my window.



Now, this is not the first time I’ve had a fine from your organisation.


The very first time a fine arrived was via mail, A YEAR AND A HALF after I’d sold my car!

The second time, your dumb machine was broken so I couldn’t obtain your stupid display ticket.

And the third time I was fined was when our local Woolies gave you the rights to manage their car park overnight and I didn’t even realise until I almost collected the Indian guy who was trying to shove a ticket under my wiper blade AS I WAS REVERSING OUT OF THE CAR SPACE!!


Coincidentally, you’ve also booked both my parents with the same surprise car park management takeover.



I hate your dodgy company.

I hate having to waste time writing letters to your company.

I hate the fact that you issue penalty notices as you call them, and then badger people with your debt collection letters.

I hate that your ‘fines’ are technically illegal yet still, you get away with harassing naive citizens.



This is from the NSW Fair Trading website:

Private car park operators do not issue fines, however may issue payment notices for ‘breach of contract’ stating that when a consumer enters a car park they agree to the terms and conditions stated on signage. Private car parks do not always have a boom gate operating; meaning consumers must find the ticket machine, purchase a ticket and place it visibly in the front windscreen.


Contract?  Terms and conditions?


Who has time to stand there and read fine print on a sign when they’re rushing in to buy ham for tomorrow’s lunches?



I’m posting today in hope of helping anyone who has been ‘fined’ by your company.



I urge readers to take the time to look specifically here at NSW Fair Trading, here at this awesome guy’s website, and here where there is a response letter proforma that will help anyone who needs it.



In the past, I wrote letters to get out of the ‘fine’ but this time I won’t be doing that.  The likelihood of being sued for $88 is very low.



I’m willing to bet that your ‘parking cop’ saw me heading into the hairdresser and raced over to ‘book me’ without even checking my dashboard.


You are unconscionable.



I fucking hate your thieving company.




Have you been done by this crowd?  Or similar?  



Link up your Open Letter here.


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