Sunday Night

Watching an aimless movie, sitting on the lounge.

Only a few things I need to do to get by for the week ahead.


Kitchen’s messy, but manageable and clothes were sorted, earlier in the day when energy levels were high.  Now, I get up every 30 or 40 minutes to unload and reload the machine. When I refill my water bottle, I time it to the advertisements and spend five minutes in the kitchen, washing, wiping or packing,



I love my weekends, especially if they are productive in the garden or the house.

But this is my usual Sunday night.

The energy stores are reduced by the week and finally expended on Saturday’s commitments.



But Sundays are for family, the home.

The energy stores replenish for the week on Sundays. We see friends, build Lego, play dolls and get out.  Man and I talk on Sundays, have a drink together and plan for the next weekend.



But this is my usual Sunday night.

I wonder what you get up to on yours?



Have a wonderful week.





Robo X

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8 responses to “Sunday Night

  • Clair

    Sounds similar to mine usually, just not tonight. Instead I blogged and watched TV, no housework at all.

    Enjoy your week xx

  • Lydia C. Lee

    Nope, we usually end up cramming in someone we haven’t managed to find another night to see – Monday nights are our Sunday nights…

  • SlapdashMama

    Mariskahargitay! I think we had the same SUnday night! HAHAHA!

  • Tegan

    Saturday nights are our family time and Sundays are just like every other day of the week.

  • Emily @ Have A Laugh On Me

    So Sunday is a family day here, but I usally spend the last half of it cleaning etc so my Monday with my boys isn’t so chaotic, I also have to usually write some boring feature articles on something I don’t really care about but it pays the bills xx

  • minsmash

    Now I’m not working full time through the week, the weekends are like any other day for me except the hubby is home. The kids come and go thru the week to uni etc and it’s the same on weekends (not uni but social outings etc). Our Sundays are a little different then when the kids were little. They used to be devoted family time. Nowadays, hubby and I usually try to get some garden stuff done and I’ve usually got loads of laundry to do. I’d like to try and fit in some more day trips away. You get a bit sick of it constantly being domestic stuff! It’s also kinda weird when your youngest child is 18 and the kids have their own plans. You have to learn to think differently and rejig the way you do things! xo

  • Me

    Sunday nights normally find me on the couch crocheting and watching whatever is on TV that the others are watching. I try to make sure we have left overs for dinner so I don’t have to cook and hopefully have got all the washing done before then.
    Anything I can do to try to re–charge for Monday which seems to come around a lot more often than Sunday night !!!!
    Have the best weekend !

  • surelysarah

    I usually get depressed about work, have cups of tea and watch my favorite tv programs! All about avoidance on a Sunday.

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