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I haven’t written in years.  Truly written. I haven’t sat down with pen or paper and poured out my mind out onto the page. I haven’t chosen words carefully for effect.  I haven’t punctuated for impact.  I haven’t drafted, edited, re-read or re-drafted in so many years.



I used to be a writer.  A strong reader and a strong writer.  I had an appreciation for poetry, comedy, parody, dialogue, monologue, fairy tale.  Any tale.  I’d write in any mood, any location and any time of the day or night.  I’d write for courage and for comfort.  I’d write how others might pray.  With unadulterated honesty.  I’d write to organise my thoughts and to make decisions.  Clarity.



It’s ironic.  I graduated university in 1999 with new letters after my name.  An Arts degree.  An Arts…

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