Anti Antibiotics

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This week it’s over at Slapdash Mama.



Today I hit the medical jackpot.


Since moving house last year, I’ve searched the burbs for a doc who is on my page and I finally found him yesterday.



As a kid, Robo was pretty snotty and sickly.  I frequently suffered with acute tonsillitis, and my mother would take me to our local family doctor who would prescribe antibiotics to make me better.



Of course the antibiotics would work, but Mother Nature’s a tough old biddy, so the tonsillitis would return, bigger and badder.  I’d be sicker during the next bout, much snottier.


What I needed was not antibiotics, it was a tonsillectomy.  My non-English speaking parents were frightened of an operation, thinking they were doing the right thing by avoiding one.

Regrettably, as an adult, I had my tonsillectomy.

The pain, my friends…  The immense, intolerable pain of a tonsillectomy is up there with labour. No exaggeration.



I’m dead set passionate about avoiding antibiotics.

Antibiotics only kill bacteria.  They don’t kill a cold.  People don’t know this,



My first parental experience with antibiotics was when, as a toddler, my son got sick.  I took him to the local medical centre where the locum prescribed him antibiotics within a couple of moments of us arriving.  Two days later I took him to my GP who freaked out at this doctor’s diagnosis. He instructed me to stop the antibiotics immediately and try lactose free baby formula.


That afternoon my baby was better.

That afternoon I learnt my lesson.



This week, that same child, now five, has been running a temperature and a cough.  After two days of staying quiet at home, I couldn’t get his temperature down, so I visited my last-ditch doctor in my new suburb.




Instead of prescribing antibiotics and showing us the door, he took the time to listen. He checked my child, talked with him and talked to me about my views.  He respected my thoughts on antibiotics, and shared his own.



This new doctor wrote me an antibiotics script and instructed me to go home and take care of my baby.  He told me not to fill it until Thursday, that is, if Mr 5 was not better by then.



I know in this day and age of quick fixes, antibiotics are a god-send.  I know we work long hours and lead busy lives and I know with more than one kid at school, germs can spread like wildfire.


But antibiotics resistance is serious shiz.



In our global village, where you can be on the other side of the world within the day, you don’t want to mess with your immunity.



I draw a careful line at antibiotics.  They are miraculous and they are a god-send but they should not be taken for granted.



Check out Dr John D’Arcy in this clip:


And whilst I’m on the topic of germs, I don’t even bathe my kids every day in the winter.



Putting my parenting out there again…


Mother of the Year or Bad Mother?

Where do you stand on antibiotics?




Robo X


PS.  I filled the script this afternoon as Mr 5 took a turn for the worse.  Like I said, antibiotics are a gift but we need to be careful.

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33 responses to “Anti Antibiotics

  • Ness

    YES, totally agree. A case in point is my own father who takes anti-biotics all the time at the first sign of a sniffle. Well, last year he had an incident with a tooth pick, of all things, it stabbed him deep in his thumb. Long story short it got infected. He was in out of hospital, and even though they plied him with anti biotics, it took months to heal, he came close to amputation but they managed to save it.

    The GP’s I go to are really good in regard to their stance with antibiotics too. They don’t hand out prescriptions constantly. I’m glad you found a good one. Hope Mr 5 is on the mend.

    Oh, and I don’t bath my kids everyday either, so MOTY here, too. xo

  • Lydia C. Lee

    I am not anti antibiotics per se but my dr is not an avid prescriber either. My dr is also a genius, and except for his idea about mothers intuition (I’m more of the “you have the medical degree dude, if I had intuition, I wouldn’t be asking you for advice” – but he does make it clear that I can come scurrying back if I think there’s something not right).
    I love science, but like everything in the world, it is evolving. Rules shift. And that’s what we need to remember, at ALL times.

  • Lydia C. Lee

    That was meant to say, Except for his idea about mothers intuition, I’d follow whatever he said blindly.

  • Have a laugh on me

    I’m totally with you on this Robo – there are some things that need antibiotics, but not very many, especially for kids! I refuse to take them unless absolutely dying in the ass! Hope Mr 5 gets better soon 🙂 x

  • Nikki Morgan

    This is the very reason I discovered and fell in love with Aromatherapy. When my girls were little, they got their fair share of sniffles, bugs and fevers, but I did not want the to have anti-biotics everytime. So a studying I went, and successfully managed to treat probably 2 out of 3 bouts without the need for ab’s. Still use essential oils as a first point of attack for anything that strikes us now, and usually I win! 🙂 xx Nikki@Wonderfullywomen

  • Tegan

    I am like you and don’t think that antibiotics should be a doctors first port of call when a child is sick. Paul’s eldest daughter (she is 28) had tonsillitis multiple times as a child like you and was put on antibiotics, after antibiotics. Paul and his ex wife asked them to take them out but the doctors refused. Now as an adult, what can be a cold for many people turns into bronchitis more often than not. Any time she is sick, she is laid out for days.

  • Sarah @ SLapdash Mama

    YES! I am VERY wary of antibiotics. My baby boy was prescribed Augmentan (or however it is spelt) when he was absolutely TINY for an ear infection, and he had a reaction to it. I felt to guilty, but I get really worried about ear infections because I had so many as a child. Maybe I needed an ear-ectomy???

    • robomum

      Hehe. Earaches are one of hte worst things. I could do a whole series of posts about ears… That is terrible. Scary too. I hope the other antibiotics work for him.

  • This Charming Mum

    I don’t take them – or give them to the kids – unless they seem really necessary, but it is always hard to know. I seem to have a routine of taking the kids to the doctor, being told ‘go home it’s a virus’, then going back a week later and getting a prescription for antibiotics. Frustrating, but what can you do? Finding a decent GP is a true gift however! I regularly tell mine that she must never, ever move!

  • Katyberry

    I’m from the school of tough love when it comes to sick kids. It’s kind of borne through the difficulty of getting in to see a Dr on a whim. In my area it seems like you have to wait at least 3 days to see our Dr, and then you get charged an arm and a leg for the privilege, plus it means taking a day of work etc etc. So unless the problem is dire, in this household you get panadol, nurofen and paedomin if you’re lucky. And sent to bed and told to quit whinging if you’re not.
    PS. my children shower a couple of times a week. They don’t seem to smell too bad. Except the redhead, but I think that’s a redhead thing.

    • robomum

      Hehe! I feel compelled to clarify the bathing comment. I bathe them every other day, unless it’s really hot or they’ve been around other kids. I like tough love too. 😉

  • alexbfinlayson

    Fair call,

    You have to temper the all-consuming desire to fix your kid with the knowledge that the doctor (should) know best. In my experience, the worst any parent can do is frantically start consulting Dr Google. That leads to all sorts of problems. But by all means get second opinions. When my little girl had Scarlet Fever she was misdiagnosed for 5 days until it got really bad… and unmistakable! Thank God for penicillin!

  • Amanda @ Cooker and a Looker

    Word. Antibiotics can’t help viral infections. That said, the sisters and I started each started a course of antibiotics yesterday – grateful to live in a place where access to medical help is so easy and affordable. Rage on Robo!

  • mummywifeme

    I’m on the same page as you. After seeing several doctors each with differing opinions I found one who also says hey here’s a script, use it in a few days if she’s still sick. I can’t understand the doctors who so freely hand out scripts for antibiotics. Crazy.

    • robomum

      I reckon that’s the best thing to do. That being said, I did get Mr 5 antibiotics this week and he’s only just getting better today. Maybe I left it too late this time?

  • Sarah Mac

    After a very severe reaction to antibiotics many years ago I’m very wary of them – I was unlucky and I have taken them since on very rare occasions most recently for a tooth abscess and they were a god send but I’d always advise caution and have avoided them with my children whenever possible.

  • mamagrace71

    I agree. Anti-biotics shouldn’t be taken for granted or as the first and only option. Our GP’s really good in knowing our family’s medical background extremely well. She’ll give us the option and gives us a script but always tells us to wait awhile, just in case we won’t we need it. Plenty of times we haven’t.

  • Alicia - One Mother Hen

    If the infection is bad enough I would warrant it. I’m not for taking it or doctors prescribing it willy nilly. Luckily my girls haven’t had to have it for anything yet.

  • NewLifeOnTheRoad (@NewLifeOnRoad)

    Well this might blow you out of the water…..we haven’t been to a Doctor as such for about four years, we don’t take any medicines unless they are from a Health Food Store and they are all natural.
    I wont even take panadol UNLESS I am past the point of no return with my headaches….and we use Honey/Garlic for anything that needs to be treated!!!
    And yep our kids shower when they want to, not because they have too….guess you could say we are Hippy Parents who live life naturally?

  • Money Mummy

    I have been really lucky with the Dr’s I have seen. Most have been very cautious with antibiotics which has been great. Money Mummy

  • Kimberley

    Anti-biotics brigade here, too. They can absolutely be a lifesaver, but I’m sick of GPs that throw an antibiotics prescription at you because they’re too lazy to actually work out what is wrong. I won’t go back to one that does it. Luckily I have several GPs I like to go to who won’t prescribe them unless they are absolutely sure I/the kids have a bacterial infection. Kx

  • Kylez @ A Study in Contradictions

    Absolutely agree. When Punky was sick earlier in the year I took her to the after hours GP who did the same, give me a script but said not to fill it for a few days if she hasn’t improved at all. I ended up not filling it but a month later ended up having to give we antibiotics as she had developed a chest and ear infection. It was amazing how quick she got better after that but I still wouldn’t give it to we unless absolutely necessary. She was sick the other weekend, running a temp and everyone told me to take her to the docs but I was pretty sure it was viral and sure enough she was better in a few days. Pretty sure it was connected to the 4 teeth that broke through 2 days later! I’m also very lucky that one of my good friends is a GP and she visited us on the third day of Punky’s temp to meet Zee and confirmed my feeling that it wasn’t anything serious! Everyone should have a friend that’s a GP!

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