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Don’t wanna be an American Idiot.

One nation controlled by the media.

Information age of hysteria.

It’s calling out to idiot America.

Green Day

Skype.  Facebook.



#morningrun  #dinner  #goingtosleepnow  #sweetdreams



Green Day were right.  It’s becoming too much.


These days, when I type, I find myself going back to correct spelling because words often runinto eachother.  Like that.  Like a web address, or a hash tag.

I’ve coined my own term for editing: “Going back to do a space bar run”.

It’s embarrassing.



I love media.  But I’m a bit over all this online business.

I’m over knowing everyone’s business, all the time.

I’m over being accessible. All the time.



I’m processing so much information that I’ve lost track of it.

I don’t even know what I know anymore.

I’ve stopped asking questions because I’m receiving so many answers.

I’m speaking but at times I’m not certain it’s me who is thinking.



Technology is exhausting.



I sit next to my husband at night but we’re both immersed in a little screen.

I take a screen when sitting outside with the kids.

I feed my kids while they’re watching a screen.

And I interrupt special moments by picking up a screen.

I want to start closing some screens.



I don’t want this to be my normal.  It never used to be.

Inspire me please, with ways to realistically manage the household internet.



Robo X

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25 responses to “Australian Idiot

  • Trish MLDB

    I love this post , so true.
    I need to switch off too and I do , part of a weekend, a full evening and even a whole 24-30hrs not long ago.
    I was itching for the next morning to come.
    I want to slot myself a few times and try to stick to them when my children are around and pick up some real books.

  • Lisa@Circle of Toast

    I wish I had some ideas, but I don’t, because this is how my life is, too. I’m not sure, maybe this is just the new normal? I like to think I prefer the old normal, but then when I do have time away from the internet, I find myself missing it, and looking forward to having it back. Part of me thinks this is not ok, then another part of me thinks well why not? Ugh, I don’t know.

  • Clair

    I’ve limited the time per day that Missy can have my iPad, otherwise she’s a drone staring blankly at the screen. She gets it now in the hour or two before bed and when I’m driving to keep her awake. I am hopeless at reducing my own screen time though, it’s currently 7am and I’ve been awake since 6:30am and the first thing I did was grab my phone to check my many various social media apps. I have deactivated Facebook before, I have deleted twitter before, but I always manage to come back.

  • Shari

    Ooooops. It’s my life too. So much information, such little time and the house remains a mess. I hear your dilemma and share it with you.

  • Mumabulous

    Green Day completely ROCK! and that song is one of their best. Anyhow to use a cliche – its all about balance. Just try and schedule some time each week to have a break from the interwebs. You might feel a bit anxious and bored but that’s OK.

  • Robyn (Mrs D)

    I love that song!! You have just despcribed my household perfectly and reading it in black and white is really a bit of an eye opener!!! I love my blogging and writing but I spend far more time on “social media’ than actually on blogging – and there is definitely way to many ‘screens’ in our house!! Time to change I think….. #FYBF

  • rhian @melbs

    Oh dear that all sounds so familiar to me too. Sometimes I find myself on social media without even realising what I’m doing. I am glad I am not on my own but I most definitely need to take it in hand before we all turn terminator and the machines take over!
    Great post – totally get it. 🙂

  • Lydia c lee

    Read Feed by M T Anderson. This constant interconnectedness destroys our real connections and really only works to make us better consumers. Make times where you turn the phone off and don’t take it with you. I am guilty too but I’m working on it…

    • robomum

      I have started leaving my phone at home. Especially for trips out with the kids. It’s so much more interesting looking around than staring at a screen.

  • NewLifeOnTheRoad (@NewLifeOnRoad)

    We live in a world full of Technology and unfortunately we are disconnecting from each other more and more which is not a good thing in some ways! Mind you our kids will get to see their journey when they are older and want to know!
    We don’t have any TV’s in our Motorhome but we all are guilty for getting onto our Laptops and our boys onto their Samsung Tablets!!! Some times I get a bit over it all and take them out for the day, where they have to actually play

  • Have a laugh on me

    We’ve had a very no-screen weekend, which is why it’s taken me until today to get to this! It’s so hard when everyone is connected, but I’m finding it tiring trying to keep up – so I’ll be cutting back. I’ve started not having screens when I’m with the kids, as I know they want one as soon as they see me with one! 😦 Have a happy week x

  • Danya Banya

    You know, it’s the strangest thing. I started my blog because I love reading blogs, but now I have no time to read my favourites, let alone all the new ones out there and I miss it. I only get an hour or so of internet time a night, because I’m with the kids all day. Sometimes I wonder if I would be better off closing it down, and just be a consumer. I can manage it better that way….

  • Emily

    What a great post. I’ve been feeling like this lately. So I’ve taken a step back. And the world is still spinning. x

  • Have a laugh on me

    So I did what I said I would do!!! We had very little screen time on the weekend 🙂 xx

  • alexbfinlayson

    You’re spot on!
    The best analogy for me is going to gigs… the amount of people who don’t actually ‘experience’ the moment of the gig because they’re too busy filming it on a phone… a video they will probably never watch, and won’t be able to tolerate even if they do because everyone is screaming!
    I saw Coldplay in Brisbane and it was AMAZING! At one point, Chris Martin came so close to where I was stood that everyone around me raised their hands… with cameras attached. I was one of them (I got a ‘great’ photo but that’s not my point!) There was one lad stood in front of me… the only one without a camera I reckon… and for a full 10 seconds or so Chris Martin sang directly to him… full eye-contact for what felt like an age!
    and everyone who was close enough to see what was going on knows that it was because this kid was watching, this kid was totally in the moment and did not have a phone. He’s a got an amazing moment to remember though!

    I wonder how much we ‘miss’ because we’re hiding behind a screen?

    • robomum

      What a great story. That’s awesome… We went to Black Sabbath a few months back and we had the absolute best seats in the house – front and centre – best seats I’ve ever had for anything. Anyways I started mucking around with my phone and camera and about two songs in I put everything away. It was one of the best concerts ever.

  • Oculus Mundi

    When I ditched FB last Oct, this was one of the reasons. Knowing too much, a constant, overwhelming stream of info and finding out things about people I have known a long time that I would MUCH rather not have. As the twitter saying goes “Facebook made me hate people I have known my whole life, Twitter made me love total strangers.” It was hard for the first few days after I deleted my account, but for me was a great decision.

    I am rather over “stuff”, especially techno stuff. I would really love to go and live on a houseboat, ditch most of the “stuff” and simplify my life immensely. Although I still love gaming consoles – but this is not a new thing, I am the original gamer, have been playing computer/console games since the first Atari Pong made its debut. And I love my laptop as I stream all my shows on it (I watch no actual TV), check my emails and Twitter on it, do my blogging on it.

    We do need to pick, I think, a couple of areas to be active in online and actively block out the rest. If we try to keep up with everything, we end up spinning in circles. I would pick the things that matter the most to you and just stick with them.

    Although not – at all – a fan of Mamamia, I came across this piece in Kim Foale’s online paper this morning.

    The picture of the crowd in 2005 makes a rather grim point – though I don’t think it is an entirely fair comparison as the second picture is much closer and we cannot tell if it was taken at roughly the same place in the crowd – but still, it made me shake my head a little.

    I understand your plight, and I think it is something a lot of people start to feel, after a few years of being swamped by online information.

    • robomum

      “Facebook made me hate people I have known my whole life, Twitter made me love total strangers.” I LOVE this! First time I’ve heard it. I’ll check out the article you mention. Being swamped with information is one thing. Being swamped with useless information is an insult to our intelligence. X

  • Sarah @ Slapdash Mama

    It is exhausting! I’ve really stepped back. I love social media and it is so awesome for many reasons but too much if a good thing is, um, too much. I mean I don’t lose sleep worrying about the end of civilisation as we know it because everyone is on FB or oh god won’t somebody think of the children, because meh, but yeah it’s tiring being connected non stop.

  • Tegan

    I used to have FOMO (fear of missing out) but now I have the thought that if someone really wants me to know something then they will either email, text or call me. I used to worry that I had missed updates about friends on FB but now I just don’t pay too much attention to it, because I hope that if it is something that is super important, they won’t rely on SM to get the message to me. I’ve become a lot more ruthless with the block button too. If I have no need to interact with someone, or they cause more drama than not, I block, no second thoughts. Life’s too short.

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