School, The Dentist, The Spider & The Filthy Bastard

Since last Thursday I’ve been down and out with a good old fashioned man flu.  This week, the body machine has been positively tried and tested.  Grueling.  Matters best left undiscussed.
It’s been horrible and still not over.



SO after an unintentional bloggy break, I’m happy to report the following:




Sort of. 


Be warned people…  This year’s flu hits hard and fast and the general shittiness lingers long after it’s ‘gone’.


So after a bed-ridden long weekend which, quite literally, blew chunks, I have very little to say.


But, here’s some of what’s happened:



Reports are due.

Enough said.



The Dentist

He charged me $40 to look at my kids tooth.  One tooth.  One minute.

Told me exactly what Google did.

Forty bucks!



The Spider

There was a big brown spider in my Crapastra.  I lost my shiz, somehow managed to pull the car over at my daughter’s day care and get myself and the kids the feck out while Man begrudgingly squashed it.  He was happy to ‘leave it alone’ but I firmly requested, “That thing better be fucking dead when I get back”.

Arachnophobia.   Hard.



The Filthy Bastard

I saw a guy on the street blowing snot out of his nose.  No tissue.

Have you ever seen this?  Un-erasable from the memory.

I cringe when my own kids get those stringy boogers.




So there’s my feeble attempt at freestylin with the ladies in The Lounge.


The Lounge Logo


This week over at The Very Inappropriate Blog.



Don’t get sick peeps!

Stay well.  Stay warm.



Robo X



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36 responses to “School, The Dentist, The Spider & The Filthy Bastard

  • Leanne Winter

    Argh, dentists! I’m trying to convince my son he should definitely consider a career in oral health so he can keep his aging mother in the style to which she’d like to become accustomed. Imagine having a dentist in the family, how awesome would that be.

  • Lydia c lee

    GLad you are better- I’ll take your dentist story and raise it with a repairman story – note the term repair man is used very loosely. I ring and say we need a new element on the oven because it’s burnt out. 5 days later repairman turns up with no element and charges me $126 to tell me I need a new element and he has to order it in? Wtf???
    I drive an hour to go to my old dentist (from when I was a teenager) because he charges me nothing – the heathfund gets billed a motza and I pay no gap (just a tank of gas!)

    • robomum

      I can’t believe that happened!! What a tool!! What did you do about it?
      I would drive that distance to go to the dentist too, if it was free. I’m sick to death of the health fund. It seems the outgoing costs are so much more than the benefits.

  • Kylez @ A Study in Contradictions

    O man, I so should not have been eating a Le Snack when I read that last bit. I’m feeling a bit sick! Dave does that in the shower sometimes, I hear him, but I’ve never seen him do it thank god! have however had the misfortune of seeing it while watching the footy and it’s wrong, wrong, wrong! Hope you’re feeling 100% again very soon!

  • Raising Explorers

    God, that image of the guy blowing his nose without a hanky is stuck in my head, and I didn’t even see it! Ew.

  • ann

    Been there with that flu it i a shocking one this year!! Spiders, the dentist and filthy bastards are all repulsive!! Hope you are feeling heaps better very soon!!

  • Mumabulous

    Even though I lost my job, it sounds like I’m having a better week than you. Take it easy and get yourself back to 100% I hope you can get some quality DVD watching time under a nana blanket – its good for all ailments. Love

  • Cooker and a Looker

    Being sick sucks balls Robomum – we all had a bad dose of it a month ago and bits of it still linger. Get well and don’t do too much too quickly! xx

  • Ness

    And doesn’t it suck that when they have the Man Flu they get all the care and sympathy but when we do we just have to suck it. Hmph.

    I’m with you, I can’t handle my own kids snot and bodily fluids, let alone some filthy stranger. Yech.

    That George from Seinfeld meme thing cracked me up.

    Get better. xo

  • Slapdash Mama

    I feel about Dentists the way I do about Mechanics. They could tell me anything and I woul have no idea if they were lying or not. Yeah, yeah, you need 15 fillings and 4 new tyres. I AM ONTO YOU CONMEN!

  • Tegan

    I’ve gotten the damn thing for the second time. I only got over it a few weeks ago. Now I have this damn pulled muscle.

  • Rachel

    Robo you are a fucking trooper! Full of snot, exhausted and terrorised by spiders and you STILL manage to write a very entertaining post. Hope you kick the dregs of that flu ASAP xx

  • Sarah Mac

    Oh god, first Mrs Woog says ‘bum zit’ and then you talk about mucus – excuse me while I hurl. I have a lovely dentist called Sarah – I love her because she’s called Sarah and she says things like – ‘well, I could leave it well alone – I’m sure it will be ok’ and then we just chat about makeup and stuff for the rest of the appointment.

  • mummymanifestodotcom

    Sounds like a rough few weeks…hope you are feeling better. I used to go out with a guy who used to do the snot thing in the shower gross-hence he is an ex ha ha

  • Jacana

    Can’t stand the blowing of the nose or the spitting bit in the street. Found this very hard to come to terms with whilst visiting China – I believe the streets there are one mass of spit and snot. This is why they always take off their shoes before they enter their own homes!

  • This Charming Mum

    Ugh! The snot thing seriously bothers me too. I’ve even had a ‘friend’ do it and try to convince me that it’s ‘better out than in’ etc. No excuse. NO EXCUSE!

  • thekidsareallrightaustralia

    That’s a pretty foul week you’ve had! I hope next week is chunks, spider, and snot free.

  • Grace

    Blowing snot out of the nose without a tissue is gross.
    My delightful husband has been doing the hack and spitting out the car window. So gross. The twinlets think it’s hilarious and giggle themselves senseless from the backseat!

  • robomum

    Are you serious!? He needs to learn his lesson and spit into a wound up window like my dad did once! Now that’s funny…..

  • Me

    It sounds like so many people are in the same boat (although at least I didn’t have a spider in my car – that would have totally sent me over the edge !!!). They show sportsman blowing their nose like that on the field and I just about puke every single time – you can see he is going to do it – for Pete’s sake, take the camera off of him !!!!!!
    Hope you have a better week this week !
    Love, hugs and positive energy !

  • Have a laugh on me

    Oh it creeps me out when I see people snot on the street or spit – I make an audible, AH THAT’S DISGUSTING when I see it. Sucks you’ve been sick, touch wood, just had colds here. Dreading it! Dentists are rip offs, luckily our health insurance foots the bill – Em xx

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