The Lone Rangers

Some time ago, Luisa from The Motherhood Herald, posted about a few of life’s little failings and somehow, the topic of odd socks came up.



How do they disappear?  Where do they go?

What can you do!?!


Bloody missing socks.

They were once the bane of my life in the laundry.



But thanks to some clever Robo thinking, I no longer have a lost sock problem.



Here’s what I do…



This is the sock bag that hangs on my laundry cupboard.





Whenever I wash, I put any stray socks in my bag.





I spend a minute now and then, dealing with the inevitable randoms.





I matched up these socks tonight.





And then I located these buggers a couple of hours later.





It’s not rocket science but the sock bag trick works.

The key point is to not let your odd socks make their way into bedroom drawers – if you do that, they’re as good as gone.


While I’m on the topic, some places where I look for socks is in and around the dryer, in the doona cover, under the bed, under the clothes line, in the pockets of other clothes and anywhere my kids play.



So this is how I deal with odd socks at Casa de Robo.   Fascinating hey?

You’re welcome.



What do you do?



As always I’m linking up with Jess for #IBOT

It’s getting old but I was #IBOT Blogger of the Mo for April.

With posts like this one you can really see why, right?


Robo X


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