WTF is that on your head?

I’ll admit to my share of fashion faux pas.

It goes without saying that thick blonde foils and lip liner were never my friend but I was channelling Laura San Giacomo and it was the nineties.

I’m not as fashion forward as I’d like to be but I try to stay on trend, in my own special way.


You might already know that Robomum blogs incognito, so I won’t be sharing with you my own personal failings.

Instead, for this week’s link-up in The Lounge, I will pick on the Royals and those ridonkulous hats they wear.

I don’t understand it.

You have all the money in the world and you decide to stick something stupid on top of your head?




Zara Phillips can barely keep this satellite dish on

Queen In San Diego

In the Navy!

Even the Queen is guilty of a theme crisis.


And Crown Princess Mary’s mother-in-law is not exempt.  

When Mr 4 saw this he said, ‘blue pipe cleaners’.

Yes, as I sit in my pyjamas and Adidas jumper, it’s easy to cast my critical eye over celebrity fashion disasters. But I cannot ignore an emerging theme; regardless of your status in society, your bulging hip pocket or the amount of personal stylists you employ, money CANNOT buy good taste.

Here are my favourite Hat Fails…

Beatrice blue

Feeling blue Beatrice, or is that Eugenie?  Plate head.

Eugenie green

Other daughter of Fergie.  Terminate whoever said that this was OK.


Kind of cute but I reckon those butterflies could put a serious dent in my mortgage.

And the best Hat Fail ever…


Now hun, you’re attending what is arguably, the most important society wedding of all time.

Didn’t you check this one out with mum?



I found these on the net…


Who did this to you?

And this one…




As Coco Chanel famously said, before you leave home, take that Stupid Looking Hat OFF your effing HEAD!






Have I got it all wrong?  Do you like these hats?

Do you wear hats?

My fanciest hat is a straw beach hat…

Getting my fashion biatch on for The Lounge – this week over at Slapdash Mama.

Join in the fun!


Robo X

PS.  Email me for the image sources.

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30 responses to “WTF is that on your head?

  • Tegan

    All hats look stupid on me but I don’t dare wear one of those giant fails on my head. I think I would much prefer to settle for a nice little fascinator.

  • SlapdashMama

    I love a good hat, or even a fascinator! Even I have to admit, however, that the peach wedding number on ole Princess Bea or Eugenie or whoever is AWFUL! But I dead set LOVE that people wear crazy hats! Such fun!

  • redlandcitygirl

    Yes some real hat-astrophes there … piddling myself laughing …

  • Prue Gilfillan

    Hats make me feel self conscious. I can’t even wear a baseball cap without feeling hyper aware of its existence and therefore fiddling with it constantly. I’m also a chronic sufferer of hat hair.

    • robomum

      That’s so strange considering your raver pics! I’m not a hat lover either. Functional hats are OK but I’d make a mess of a stylish hat. I’d always be touching it…

  • Rachel

    I look bad in hats – period. So to a certain extent I have to admire the ladies of Windsor for having the balls to take a risk. I quite like the Zara Phillips satellite number even thought its not very pracitcal. We should call her “Robo-royal” 😉

  • Me

    Those are real classics – I wonder in what world they were living and who on earth ever said any of those looked like a nice thing to put on their head !!!!
    Have the best day !

  • workingwomenaus

    The hat she wore to Will’s wedding was by far the worst. The. Worst. What was she thinking?

  • Kim@fallingfacefirst

    I LOVE hats – and I will jump at any chance to go to the races just to wear one. The more crazy the better. WITH TASTE of course. But THAT HAT?! OMG I’ve had such good laugh mileage out of this already. My favourite after the wedding was the picture of all the US Heads of State sitting around in the White House wearing it (Obama included). TOO funny.

    • robomum

      I saw that one too! That hat got loads of laughs. Saw on the net there was a Lord of the Rings version, an octopus version and a uterus version to name a few.

  • This Charming Mum

    I once went to an exhibition of the Queen’s dresses from over the years and some of them were truly beautiful up close. Gorgeous fabrics and immaculate, hand sewn beads etc – but you’d never know it from the photos! Their millinery antics have gone truly mental in the last few years though.

  • Cooker and a Looker

    Remember ‘The Emporer’s New Clothes’? That!

  • Shari

    Now there are some mighty ugly hats there! Those York princesses and the spaceship things they adorn their heads with def my faves!! x

  • Ness

    I’m honestly just speechless. You are spot on when you say money cannot buy good taste. I’d rather be a bogan. Which is handy, since I am. Love it. xo

  • robomum

    Bogans do it best, Ness. I reckon you could teach em a thing or two!

  • kirstyrussell75

    I remember those ridiculous hats at the royal wedding but I had not seen those photoshopped photos and I got a much needed laugh out of them – particularly the horse one! The captioned one with the Queen and Prince Phillip is also an absolute classic…like seriously, how could they think they were acceptable in front of a global audience of millions??? I’m too much of a tight-arse to have any fashion fails – it’s easy when you never on trend to begin with! I will have to get my act together and join in on this linkup next week – looking forward to finding out the next theme!

  • Kim-Marie from Kimba Likes

    I am the only person in the history of the world who loved the bow hat. I adored it! x

  • ann

    Oh lordy is all I can say!! Who actually tells these people they look good!!

  • Oculus Mundi

    What I know about fashion could be written on the back of a postage stamp, and even I know these hideous monstrosities deserve to buried in an unmarked grave at midnight Was it for a bet, one wonders?!

  • thekidsareallrightaustralia

    Laura San Giacomo! Wasn’t she an it girl in the nineties!! I remember the boys at uni loving her in Sex, Lies and Videotape (you can date that movie by its title). I don’t know what was the most funniest thing about Will and Kate’s wedding – the world’s fixation on a young woman’s arse, PrInce Harry’s thorough enjoyment of proceedings, or those hats.

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