The Biggest Treat

The other day, my blogging buddy Mrs D, from Mrs D’s Maunderings and my Twitter/Virtual Exercise buddy Super Slimming Mumma were having a

twitter conversation about being tired.


It went like this:

Robomum:  Robomum needs her batteries recharged. Help

SuperSlimmingMama:  some deep breathing … lock the door on your own little space. or coffee … lots of coffee

Robomum:  And sleep. Averaged 4 hours every night this week. I Need SLEEP.

Then Mrs D chimed in…
MrsD:  I’ve been similar but for weeks, bought heavy duty valerian tabs in hope they knock me out properly
SuperSlimmingMumma:oh blimey! I think a day spa for u 2 is on the cards! Then a hotel to sleep in peace!
MrsD:  That would be bliss at the moment.#onecandream
Robomum:   Sorry about your week… A hotel stay would be the biggest treat ever!

A hotel!  Now you’re talking!!


A freshly made bed.  Prepared food.  Clean folded towels.  A bath, without a toy in sight.  Uninterrupted, crap cable TV.  Wine.  A spot of shopping.  A little pamper – nails, eyebrows, facial, massage – not fussy.   A cleaning fairy.  Late lunch/early dinner with an equally deserving gal pal.




Whatever category we find ourselves in;  partner, mother of any description, full time employee, whether you stay at home, or like my case, whether you do both…


Every Good Woman Deserves Her Rest and a good hotel would be the BEST.


Have you done this?  Would you like to do this?  Care to throw one my way?


Linking up today with 30 year old Jess for #IBOT


Robo X

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26 responses to “The Biggest Treat

  • iSophie

    That would be heavenly! A girl can dream..


  • Mrs D

    You forgot to mention the pool, complete with cocktails & pool boys 😉
    So when do we go? 😀

  • Kirsty @ My Home Truths

    That sounds just what i need right now too – I like the way you and your buddies think Robomum! Hopefully you do get to have your relaxing hotel escape soon!

  • Kim

    I did it! For my birthday. Nobody cares about the dinner out … it’s the blackout blinds, and the not even stirring until 9am the next morning, bubble bath with tea, buffet breakfast that MADE MY DAY. I looked a whole year younger, for about a day.

    • robomum

      You legend!!
      I think I might request something like this for my next special event.
      I totally get you. You would’ve felt like a million bucks man!!

  • Rachel

    Where do i sign up for the Robo “R&R” Hotel break? The sound of nobody fighting over who’s trun it is on the Wii… just that alone would make it perfect!

  • Have a laugh on me

    I totally got to do this a month ago for my 35th – it was AWESOME, and everyone should schedule it in – it’s really worth it. Mmmm pool boys sound great Mrs D

  • stephanie

    hubby has a leave pass next week to see the sevens rugby , so i’m planning a weekend away with my girlfriend when he gets back!

  • Kimba Likes

    I would like a hotel but actually what I’d really like is the house to look the same at 3.45 as it does at 2.45 after I’ve spent all day sorting out OPM (sadly not Other People’s Money but Other People’s Mess!)

  • Kylez @ A Study in Contradictions

    Dave and I will be staying the night in a hotel this Friday, and while we won’t actually be checking in till late, as its after a wedding, I am still looking forward to a clean room and bathroom with no kids stuff anywhere, a decent nights sleep with no teething toddler crying out in the night, a bit of a sleep-in and a massive, hot,buffet breakfast in the morning. It’s gonna be great!

    And in May friends of ours are getting married in the Hunter, and Dave has convinced me to make the most of the opportunity, so Mia is staying with my sister and we are going away for the weekend! Two whole nights in a romantically cosy cabin, the chance to sleep-in as late as we like on the Saturday before the wedding and the opportunity for a beautiful kid-free dinner at a nice restaurant on the Friday night. I am practically counting down the days! It’s gonna be our last chance to do anything like this for a while once bub #2 makes her entrance so I am going to enjoy it as much as humanly (and pregnantly!) possible!

    I hope you get to have that hotel stay soon, it sounds like you are certainly due and most definitely deserving of one!

  • superslimmingmumma

    oh look at what we started!!! I love the idea – the only people hassling you, are the people bringing you your food!! Has to be one of those hotels that have the day spa stuff attached – massages, mani, pedis, hair treatments. I have a friend at work who tells her husband ‘I have to work extra hours’ and then she goes to the movies on her own with a latte or heads to the coffee shop with a magazine! I like the way that woman thinks – it’s just a shame that she has to tell a lie in order to get some of ‘her’ time.
    We should TOTALLY (oh god – sound like a gen y’er!) book in a hotel stay – even if it’s a virtual one – you book in where you are in your city all on the same day. Husbands would be crying in unison as we sigh in relief as the door closes and the bed allows us to spread eagle ALL TO OURSELVVVVVVVVVVVVVES!!!!! ohhh bliss!!

  • Winnie @ Bubfriendly

    I’m still dreaming of one…sadly…

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