Re-posting to show my support to the wonderful Chrissie Swan. 

Yes people…  She is human!

As always, just the awkward excruciating truth.

All the best Chrissie

Robo X


I have a girl crush on Chrissie Swan, so at the risk of sounding stalkeresque, unstable or both, I’ll try to explain.

Maybe girl crush is the wrong choice of words. I have a deep affection for her.  An admiration. When Chrissie talks, along with thousands of others, I listen.

The Teacher in me has created this simple flow chart detailing all the reasons for said girl crush:

She’s a real Sista!

I’m not on TV or radio but (and here’s my long bow), I am a mum, wife and writer so I feel as though I share an affinity with her.

Here’s why:

  • All of our kidlets are similar ages so we were pregnancy buddies together, via the TV, (which…

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