The breeze has finally hit tonight and My Man has invited me to go outside with him to enjoy it.  I will, just not yet.  I feel instead, like writing about and sharing, how privileged I feel in this country, today.


Three ideas:



I posted the other day about the hardships faced by some of us.  How some people can’t afford the bare necessities in life.  It was a sad story and as I said, I hope to never encounter one like it again.

I feel privileged in this country, today because I was free to write about the incident and express how it made me feel.  I shared the story with my blogging community and it was instantly embraced.  People empathised and shared their own views and stories and I learnt that I can make a small difference, somewhere, with a few words.






Ita Buttrose is Australian of the Year – a Woman, a voice, a beacon.

I feel privileged in this country, today because a pioneer, a Woman who has achieved prominence in our society for her robust nature and innovation, has been selected.  What a role model for all Australians!  A national treasure!


Privileged again.




Another blog introduced me to an important initiative – a movement where all Women are invited to wear a hijab for a day.  It’s all about discrimination versus inclusivity, breaking down barriers.

I feel privileged in this country, today because it’s happening, without fear and with support, outreaching strangers.  It wouldn’t be possible in certain other countries.  Some Muslim Women and Girls around the world, do not have the right to use their voice, yet in our democratic country they can be heard and lead and contribute to society, as much as they please.


Privileged once more.


So before I go out to enjoy this midnight breeze, I have this one hope…

I hope you, like me, you feel absolutely beyond privileged to live in this country, today.  And everyday.


Happy Australia Day.


Robo X

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