My Top 5 Media Men

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After gaining inspiration from Mumabulous’ drool-worthy post about hunks on her screen, Who’s Who, (December 2012), I thought I’d treat you, my lovely Reader, to a slice of Media magic, the guilty indulgence I treat myself to when I um, watch The News.



If this post was entitled, My Top 5 Banking Men, My Man would be The Shizzle Fo Sho!  But Bankers, on the whole, are unfortunately not as studly as the fine-looking, polished Media Men who grace my television morning and night.



Media Men  stand in front of burning buildings looking cool, they wear ponchos with a certain air of class and they look GOOD no matter where they are in the world, or what they’re reporting.



They’re sophisticated, worldly, well-spoken and some, aesthetically, are very pleasing to the senses.


Major Eye Candy.


Let’s face it, between the wars and the GFC, the news is 99 percent depressing, so we might as well have a hottie as our bearer of bad news.



So here it is.  My Top 5 Media Men.  Happy Reading!


And Thanks again to Mumabulous for her Hot List inspiration!



5.  David Campbell


I wasn’t going to put Davo on the list, being just a TV presenter and all but then again, Mornings does show the news and I’m good at drawing those long bows.  He’s also filled in for Karl on Today a few times so he’s getting a handle on the whole Media thing.




Dave’s a cocky hottie and he’s a triple threat to some degree, singer, dancer, stage actor.  He bounces off Sonia Kruger in the mornings like a rubber ball and is actually pretty pleasant to watch.  Becoming a married family man seems to have relaxed David and he’s come into his own.  Being Barnesy’s son hardly rates a mention these days.


A talented all rounder, I’m happy to have him on my TV.



4.  Peter Stefanovic




Mrs Stefanovic must be one proud Mum.  Three strapping lads, all working in the Media.  Young Peter is one of my favourites.  He has a good strong work ethic and travels from pillar to post, delivering  good news and bad news, to me in my living room.


He keeps it together whilst braving blizzards and bombs and he has that Hugh Grantness about him, too; a quick wit and consistently dishevelled.  Pete radiates that Stefanovic charm that many know and love.


Not a bad little Correspondent and another Media cutie I can handle on my telly.



3.  Karl Stefanovic




Karl is a Gold Logie winning spunk rat.  Often found donning the brown trench coat, Disaster Karl, as My Man likes to call him, chases catastrophes, both natural and unnatural, around the globe.  Even though his ‘Cass’ arse’ comments at The Logies were crass  and the article below is just plain weird, he always manages to put a smile on my face.





Karlos has boyish humour and laughs at his own jokes and he always looks so damn tired, it’s redeeming.  He tries on out of context humour with the Dalai Lama and he goes to air pissed as a fart, but he’s a funny bloke and not a bad bit of eye candy for those early mornings.


The Channel Nine Golden Boy.



 2.  Hamish MacDonald


His website proudly boasts News Junkie but I think it should say, News Hottie.



He provides a pleasant surprise whenever does guest spots on The Project and he’s just been pronounced, Media Personality of the Year.


As far as I’m concerned, Hamish is the kingpin of the late night news arena.  He has Scottish genes, a dreamy accent from years spent as a roving reporter and he speaks several languages that he picked up whilst travelling through the Middle East.


Hamish McDonald is One Fine News Anchor.  I implore Channel Ten, More Hamish please! And earlier too!



And Robomum’s Top Media Man is…



Denham Hitchcock


Denham is the Channel Nine US reporter who tops my Hot List any day of the week.  He takes politics and tragedies in his stride, a man’s man who looks more like an action hero than a Journo.



Broad shoulders and tanned skin, he looks more like a Greek God than a Media man.  You get me?





Personally, I don’t know why this guy is hidden away overseas.  I think he’d be splendid next to Karl and the girls on Today.  And did I mention s those broad shoulders..?


And his name, Denham….


So refined.


So bring on the next US election I say, so we can see more of this modelesque Media Man.





With my knowledge of Media Men limited to NSW, I’m interested to hear who you think would make the top 5?

Any contenders from interstate?  Anyone I’ve missed?


Robo X


P.S. Please email me for the image source list.


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