Thanks Blog! Love, Me X

Entering the blogging arena has brought about big changes.  Things appear unaltered on the outside but internally, I’ve relented and I am keeping the promise I made to myself late last year.  I’ve factored Me into the equations of daily life, (most days) and I’ve set aside time, much needed time, just for Me. 



Miraculously, my kids have started sleeping at a reasonable hour and I am now the proud recipient of between one and three hours nightly, to do as I please.  Of course much of this time involves cleaning, washing and ironing but I’m working on that. 



Sometimes this time is spent flat out on the lounge, watching mind-numbing TV, recovering from the exhaustion of being Mum but I’m working on that too.



As a full time teacher, class preparation is often completed in my own time but I’ve relaxed my approach to lesson planning and I’m viewing it with fresh perspective; my old passion.  So I’m working on that as well.



And sometimes, during these new found hours of freedom, I blog.



Blogging has brought peace.  It has reignited my thirst for reading and personal learning and it has awakened my appetite for writing and sharing.



I have not blogged as much as I could have over the last three months.  I thought I would be unstoppable, with words pouring out of my head at an alarming rate. 

It hasn’t happened. 



Instead, I’ve spent a great deal of time reading and leaving lots of blogging love. I’ve discovered #IBOT and #FYBF and other amazing forums, bursting with so many remarkable people and their stories.  A procrastinator from way back, when I sit down to write, I often find that I’m unable to take my eyes of my screen; I’m completely immersed in someone else’s story.



Blogging is a special new hobby.  It provides freedom, serenity and appreciation for all that I have and all the things I can do.  I’m grateful for the menialities and banalities of each day and incredibly pleased that I can write about these events, reflect on some of the little aspects that make up my existence and share them with you.



So, Thanks Blog! Love, Me X



Happy New Year to you!

I hope it brings lots of Freedom, Serenity and Appreciation…

And of course lots of Blog Words and Love.


Linking up with #IBOT today, even though it’s Wednesday…

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