My Top 5 Crappiest Gifts

I’ll keep this post brief.  My PC doesn’t feel like adding images today but really,  I think they speak for themselves…


1.  A strange looking, nausea inducing, neck massager from the two dollar shop.  It was a Kris Kringle gift.  WTF?


2.  Ill-fitting, ‘sexy’ lingerie from My Man.  He thought it was becoming but I think I looked more like a one night wife.  Sorry babe, the smelly drawer thing was nice.


3.  My Man strikes again, this time with a very unique gift that still makes me laugh.  A homemade voucher with a screw taped onto it…  Enough said?


4.  This isn’t mine and it isn’t Christmas but my brother received some daggy 1980s crystal from a couple for his wedding, complete with a card addressed to this couple for their own wedding day.  Seriously, if you’re going to recycle, do it tactfully.


5.  I don’t really have a number 5, unless I tell you about the girls’ sandals my son received from our old neighbour, Mary, may she rest in peace.  Until her dying day, Mary thought my son was a girl.  I didn’t have the heart to correct her…


So there you have it, My Top 5 Crappiest Gifts.  Not really that bad.


If you’re reading babe, this year I’d love a clothing voucher from Country Road, a real one, and some time to go and spend it. 


That’s all.


Robomum X


Linking up with the lovely Kirsty from My Home Truths for I Must Confess Monday.

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