Monthly Archives: November 2012

Blogger’s Block

Writing is something that comes naturally to me.  It always has.  I can’t speak publicly, nor can I think on my feet very well but give me pen and paper and I’ll generally knock up something pretty interesting.

Years spent reading other people’s blogs always made me think I could do it.

I could blog.

I prepared by making a long list of things I wanted to write about.  Easy.

I set up a neat little area in my front room and called it my ‘writing space’.  Too easy.

Admittedly ‘writing space’ felt a bit ostentatious but I was, after all, starting a blog.


So when I finally sat down to start, the reality of my new, self-proclaimed title hit me.

My great ideas suddenly seemed pointless.  My neat little writing space was ineffective, evidently better used as a parking lot for Matchbox cars.   And time.  Time slipped away so incredibly quickly.  I would no sooner open my laptop before a child would cry out and the lid would close again.

It became abundantly clear that blogging was not as easy as it seemed.

I don’t know if it was the pollen from my fresh flowers but I suddenly became anxious about my writing ability, about what I had to offer.  I was choking, stifled.

Something I had set out to do for Me, for that all important quest for clarity, was starting to stress me out.

Something was wrong.

I snapped.

I scrapped the romantic version of writing that I had conjured up in my head.

I binned the vase of now, not-so-fresh looking flowers .

My workspace moved to the living room, in front of a blaring ABC2.  I wrote in my lunch break at work because I felt like it and blogged on my phone on Tuesday afternoon.  Yesterday I wrote on the front porch at home and today, I’m posting from upstairs, while Mr 4 plays with a new packet of clothes pegs on the rug.

My ability came back, naturally.


This afternoon I tweeted a question about blogging schedules and a wise Tegan said to forget schedules.  ‘Quality over quantity’, she said.

I completely agree.

Right now the only blogging schedule I can keep to is, ‘when I can’.

When I’m not Robomumming.

When I feel inspired, I’ll sit for a bit and see if I can knock up something interesting.