I’ve been flying under the radar this week, keeping busy with family obligations and the start of the silly season. 


Doctors have featured firmly in our lives of late.  We’ve had sick, sniffily kids, adults and grandparents but thankfully, a few prescriptions later, most of us are the mend.


In the manic whir that was the past fortnight, I also discovered that I have a cyst (again), on my ovary.  The last time was back in my teens, where it was removed via a c-section type cut and never thought of again.


Complex Ovarian Cyst.


I’m telling myself it’s probably nothing. 

I’m telling myself it’s just something that will be looked, at dealt with fairly swiftly.

But this time, as a Mum and Wife, I’m nervous.


At 11.45am today, I have my appointment with a recommended specialist, so I am very blessed to have a noble pair of hands to manage my problem.


I hope it’s nothing.

I pray it is something that will be dealt with quickly.


But as a Mum and Partner, I’m a little afraid today.



If you’ve had an ovarian cyst can you tell me about it?


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