My love affair with Twitter

I first joined Twitter in 2009 and have been having a love affair with it ever since.  My Man is known to walk into the room and demand in a whiny voice, “What are you tweeting about now?”


It’s a powerful feeling to know that I am in control of my influences, sources of knowledge, who I listen to and what I read about.  I love getting my news first hand.  I love subscribing to the NY Times instead of SMH, hearing about the Middle East from Mona Eltahawy instead of News Limited and following Mr Ricky Gervais for my daily belly laugh.


By following hashtags on Twitter, I’ve lived some of the most amazing news stories from my computer screen.  Some recent tags that have stayed with me are #qldfloods, #olympics, #collarbomb, #syria, #obama2012, #japan and #neighbours, for a little weeknight satirical beat-up.


I think what I love the most about Twitter is just hearing about Stuff.  Instant and unedited, from real people who are living in the moment.

No edit, no gloss.

Spelling mistakes, finer details, truth.


The perspective of people just like me.


One of the most unforgettable hashtags was in 2011, #prayersfortony.


At home, in the final stages of pregnancy with baby number 2, I followed this hashtag intently, walking around with my phone in hand, waiting for updates about this sad, horrific story.  It was the unfortunate catalyst that sparked my interest in blogging and led me to follow some incredible (and previously unknown to me), Australian Women Writers.


Women Who Blog became an entire new realm of reality.

Mothers, grandmothers, single women, women without children; each blog tells a unique and important story.

Some of these stories stay with me for an hour, or a day.  And some of these stories continue to haunt me for much longer; occupying my thoughts as I perform the most menial daily tasks.

As my love affair continues, I thank Twitter for these incredible stories that have helped shape my life and freshen my perspective.


When has Twitter had a profound effect on you?

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22 responses to “My love affair with Twitter

  • EvieMeenyMineyMo

    Oh #prayersfortony had a profound affect on me too. Also sparked my interest in ‘mummy’ bloggers. So many women with a wealth of knowledge & differencing experiences, not always just chatting about the daily grind either. It’s so easy to lose yourself in the life of motherhood, nappies, washing, baby food, breastfeeding, sleeping etc. Blogging gives women a voice & reminds us that we’re more than mum. Twitter is for me, an even more powerful medium. We chat directly to the famous people, the politicians, the leaders in our community. The things I have learned from the people in my iPhone is things I can not attribute to anything else.

    • robomum

      Couldn’t agree with you more, Zilla. #Prayersfortony was something that has stayed with me in more ways than one. When explaining social media to my students, I use it as an example and they, at their tender ages, begin to comprehend the enormity of this medium.

  • Insane Jane

    I’ve only just started using twitter after long being an ignoramus. I thought twitter was just for celebs like Charlie Sheen. I’ve also only been blogging for a few months. Already I have been amazed at the honesty and sharing and have even made new friends. I just tried to look up #prayersfortony but i got no tweets. I’m pretty certain I know what it would have been about and that blog too inspired me in so many ways. I only found it recently and was glued to the screen reading all the posts for that time. Anyway back to twitter: i actually have three accounts. A personal one, a work one and a blog one and I am finding it to be far more useful and worthwhile than facebook. I love the raw realness of it all.

    • robomum

      Twitter seems to have a cut-off point for its history, you can only look back so far on the timeline which kinda sucks. Like you, I was glued to the screen as well and I thought of this person and those he left behind, very often during the next few months of sleep deprivation with my new baby. I have two twitter accounts, Robomumblog and another that I reserve just for ranting 😉

  • Me

    My husband says exactly the same !!!! He doesn’t ‘do’ social media and doesnt’ really get how I like to stay in contact with my on line friends and hear what they are getting up to. However, he is interested when I update him on the cricket score or baseball score or any sporting event really !!
    Have the best day !
    #IBOT visitor

  • Cooker and a Looker

    My husband is a technophobe. He says the same thing to me “who are you twittering now?” and my favourite “what’s on bookface?”

  • iSophie

    I have only recently joined Twitter, so just really understanding it all now. I love it’s rawness.

  • Catherine Rodie Blagg (Cup of Tea and a Blog)

    I was highly resistant to joining twitter, It scared me, I was so intimidated by the speed at which it moves – but five months after joining I am totally hooked! I love the instant engagement, feeling like I am part of a community and as you say the information. I prefer it to facebook now – never thought I would say that!

  • Rachel Wernicke (@RedcliffeStyle)

    I love twitter, I joined recently but it took me a little while to get it. it’s awesome.

    #TeamIBOT was here xx

  • Tegan Churchill (@misguidedmuser)

    I love twitter for its ability to be anonymous and part of a community all at the same time. It’s my safe place. My profound moment on twitter was having followers rally around to support me when I was having self harm thoughts and my local mental health were no help. The level of support that was extended renewed my faith in humanity. I do sometimes struggle with the 140 characters though. Especially when I get a bit ranty lol.

  • EssentiallyJess

    I love it, but wish I had more time to play on it.
    I wasn’t on when Tony died, but I’ve read Lori’s story and I can imagine it was very powerful

  • BossyMummy

    I have a love/hate relationship with twitter. I use it with a passion, then lose interest. I keep meaning to get back on the horse, but then procrastinate somewhere else instead 🙂

  • mummylovestorun

    Oh I love twitter!!! I mostly follow mummies and runners. The mummy tweets make me laugh and I love that random thoughts can be shared so timely and can be so reassuring… like “counting down till bath time” Wahoo – I’m not the only one feeling it today! Reading about other runners training helps to motivate me to get off my bum when I need a kick.

    I have met some amazing mothers, bloggers and runners on twitter that I otherwise wouldn’t have. Who would have thought the power of 140 characters?

  • Veronica @ Mixed Gems

    I was fascinated with this post. I used to be on Twitter a lot but after rationalising my priorities, I decided I couldn’t justify the return on investment with my time so I’m barely on it. Instagram is my “twitter” I suppose. I’m barely on FB too. I’ve found to get the most out of these you need to spend a lot of time. I don’t want to be on either just talking to myself, for the most part. Maybe I’m not savvy enough to use either well. Any tips?

    • robomum

      I’m not into Instagram and Facebook as much as I prefer Twitter. Short, sharp and punchy messages do it for me. Managing our comms is quite the artform these days.

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